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50 years ago

September 7, 1972

Roy Olson, Superintendent of the Whitefish Street Department for over twenty years, has resigned to take up another post in the area. In his resignation letter, Olson said in part: “I leave knowing that I have been considered a ‘cretin’. I admit I like the designation and…I have done my best for the past twenty-three years to my many bosses and the public at Whitefish.

40 years ago

September 9, 1982

Whitefish Town Council has approved a contract with Hydro Management for plans to build a small hydro plant and resell power to Pacific Power and Light. The council approved a proposal that would bring in 20% of the gross revenue from the sale of electricity generated in the city for the first 15 years, estimated at around $6,000 per year.

30 years ago

September 10, 1992

After a long and drawn-out struggle for the Marina Beach subdivision, Russell Street threw in the towel and conceded victory to its neighbors. Street’s request for a master plan map and zoning amendment for its proposed housing estate was due for a public hearing at the Whitefish Town Council meeting. Prior to the meeting, Street submitted a letter to the city and withdrew its request.

20 years ago

September 5, 2002

According to Whitefish City Manager Gary Marks, the budget passed unanimously by the council was based on erroneous numbers given to the city by the Montana Department of Revenue. To compensate for the error, which reduced projected tax revenue by $14,776.62, Whitefish taxpayers would see an increase of 1.429 mills.

10 years ago

September 5, 2012

The Montana Supreme Court has ruled that a Whitefish man was not liable to pay $7,327 in restitution to the city following a 2009 incident when a Whitefish police cruiser ran over another patrol car while chasing Ralph Jentile. The court found that the officer was negligent for following too closely and noted that while emergency personnel may be permitted to ignore certain traffic laws, they still have a duty to drive safely. security.

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