Free Online Face Swap Apps for Android and iOS

Nowadays, people use photo editing tools like Face Swap apps to post photos of themselves. A Russian company, Wireless Lab, has developed this AI-powered photo and video editing tool. With its neural network, it restores very realistic makeovers of human faces. It has become a viral photo editing app in a short time. Users can take photos in which they look younger or older.

Many apps have embraced this trend to capitalize on its popularity, and users can play around with hairstyles, tattoos, beards, and even reverse gender.

Face swap apps: what are they?

There are a number of trending apps that can show what people look like when they’re older, or you can even tune your face to a celebrity image or video. Celebrity pictures and videos from various movies are trending with these apps these days, and they provide instant results as they work quite fast.

How do face swap apps work?

Face swap apps stay on trend with fast and accurate results. Younger ones use it to share old photos or even embed in movie clips. In addition to augmented reality, Face Morph apps are popular for their ability to better map and recognize faces; thus, the output is quite accurate.

On top of that, there is artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows apps to run their core algorithm and generate results. For example, if you want to launch your Face Swap app, you need the best AR developers. It is a good idea to partner with a reputable app development company in order to get the best results.

But if you are not in the mood to spend money, you can try these free trading apps.

Top 10 Face Swap Apps

Although there is no shortage of Face Swapping or Face Combiner apps available on the App Store, most of them are not very usable, while only a few of them offer exceptional results. Therefore, we provide you with the best Face Swapping or Face Combiner apps available on either platform.

face swapper

Of all the web-based AIs, face swapper comes out on top in terms of accuracy in swapping faces with given presets of male and female models. However, you can also add your image or your friend’s image that you want to trade with.

A user can upload their own face or upload another person’s face to be replaced with another person’s face. Once downloaded, their face can be swapped into any of the presets.

2. Reface

Reface lets you swap your face with celebrities on videos and GIFs. Formerly known as Doublicat, Reface is a viral app that lets you do quirky face swaps. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see your face on a blockbuster movie poster, Reface is your perfect companion. This application creates high quality videos and is mainly dedicated to video face swaps.

With the subscription version, the app removes all watermarks from videos, eliminates ads, and unlocks unlimited access to the app.

3. Faceapp

Although this app does not have the face swap feature, it can show what a person looks like if they are of a different gender, have a wider smile, or are older or younger. Users need to upgrade to the pro version to access all app options, as the free version only offers essential beauty tools.

4. Cupace

With Cupace, users can take the faces of anyone in an image and quickly paste them onto anyone else’s face using the Paste Face feature. Cupace has an excellent easy to use and extremely easy to use photo editing app. Additionally, Cupace is able to manually remove faces from any image, so this feature works like magic.

Using Cupace, you can cut a face from a photo, choose an image, and then paste the face onto that image. To simplify the process, the application allows to enlarge the image, which makes the cutout of the face entirely precise. Once a face is cropped, it is saved in Cupace, from where it can be pasted to any number of images.

5. Live Face Swap

Microsoft’s face swap app works across multiple platforms, so all you have to do is take a selfie, find a celebrity photo, and it’ll do the rest. With Face Swap app, users can swap multiple faces in one photo. This may not always produce the ideal image, so you’ll have to keep trying until it does.

6. Oldify

With its augmented reality technology and accurate facial mapping data, this app is the best FaceApp alternative for users who want to see an older version of themselves. With Oldify, you can record videos of any activity you like as an older man with its excellent animation feature. The app’s algorithms accurately support the entire system without any AI technology and provide live results in the form of images, videos and other formats.

7.Face Play

In order to adjust and swap faces perfectly, you need to choose FacePlay. Using FacePlay works magically when adjusting or swapping faces with another. Additionally, the app has a three-day trial period; after that, users need to purchase a paid version. Even the borders are brilliantly covered; therefore, the results will shock everyone.


The Face offers brilliant photo and video capture options along with the ability to swap faces, making Snapchat one of the biggest social networks on the planet. When users click on a photo/video, they can simply place their finger on the area where the face is positioned, and multiple faces appear at the bottom of the screen.

To take a photo or create your next social media video, locate the Face Swap icon and tap it.

9. Facial Magic

There are obvious reasons why online face swapping in videos can be difficult for consumer applications. For those looking for a fun twist with their videos that use a no-face-swapping feature, FaceMagic is a good choice. In this app users can upload a selfie and use the feature. However, it works wonders when it comes to face swapping on videos and offers a variety of selectable effects.


Apart from beautifying and filtering images, this app also lets you swap faces. After launching the app, click on the Smiley icon and select the Face Swap option. The app, however, only works in real time; therefore, two people must be present on the plan. When you enable the face swap option, you start taking photos or recording videos, and the face will be swapped automatically.

Last words

The number of face swap apps is staggering and they all have their own unique features. thus, choosing just one is difficult. Some of the best apps for swapping faces include Face Swapper and Cupace, both of which offer high-precision presets. A similar tool for swapping faces in videos is Reface, which usually comes with actor and actress presets.

In this article, we have compiled the best face swap apps for Android and iOS that offer face swap online features for photo editing and video making.

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