PUBG: New Official Date and Features for State Alpha Test

Looks like nothing is stopping the next one PUBG: new state. The game is scheduled to undergo its alpha test for Android users in the US from June 11-13. Applications are already open and will be accepting players until June 6.

This test will focus on measuring server and network stability, performance, and even developing gaming systems. The idea is that any feedback received during this test guarantees to meet the expectations of the players.

For the alpha test, players can expect to be dropped into the futuristic 8×8 map known as TROI. Here everyone will experience many unique game features.

In one Press statement, PUBG: new state Executive producer Minkyu Park said they are more than determined to be able to make full use of the feedback received during the test. Overall, he added that the goal is to deliver an experience that players around the world can enjoy.


In April, it was reported that pre-registration for the game on the Google Play Store had reached the 10 million mark. Even before that, it had already had other milestones, as in just two days of going live, pre-registrations hit 2 million. In one week, that number rose to 5 million. Those who pre-register will receive a permanent limited vehicle skin.

Unfortunately, iOS gamers have to wait a bit longer as pre-registration has not started yet.

Game features

Mechanics in PUBG: new state is kind of like the PC version where 100 players are dropped on a map and fight to be the last one standing. Features include:

  • Ultra-realistic graphics that go beyond the limits of mobile gaming.
    • The game uses what is called “global illumination” technology to deliver better graphics than ever before. This should allow players to experience an open world with a high level of realism.
  • More realistic and dynamic gunplay.
    • The gunplay that PUBG is known for is included but fully optimized for mobile games. There is also a new weapon attachment system for customizing weapons.
  • Next-generation interactive action-based gameplay.
    • Players can discover interesting mechanics such as request assistance and dodge. They may even have drone calls.
  • An extension of the original PUBG universe.
    • The game is set in 2051, decades after the original PUBG Thu.

No official release date has been revealed for PUBG: new state. You can register for the alpha test here.

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