Why Potthast’s alpha males clash destroys the family

On the HEA Tell-All, Andrei and Charlie hit their heads again. Why is their struggle for alpha male status tearing the Potthast family apart?

On the 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? In the Tell-All episode, Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast’s feud was on full display, and it became clear that they clash because they are both struggling to achieve alpha male status in the family. . There have been a lot of shocking behaviors and moments on the Tell-All, although Andrei and Charlie’s confrontation has been one of the most tense. Their feuds have made members of the Potthast family cry, and if they keep fighting over who can sit at the head of the table, it will tear the family apart.

The conversation on Tell-All mostly focused on Andrei and Charlie’s explosive fight at the end of the season at a barbecue that Libby’s dad, Chuck, hosted for the family to work out with their problems. But as anyone could have predicted, the meeting went horribly wrong. Charlie showed guns, shouting: “look who’s back! Call the cops!”Andrei told him to sit down, and that’s when things really started to heat up. “Don’t tell me what to doCharlie retorted before he and Andrei threw themselves by the pool.

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At the end of the clip which was replayed on the Tell-All stage, Libby was crying and her father Chuck was also visibly upset. Things didn’t improve when Charlie showed up in person. Host Shaun Robinson gave the pair a chance to apologize for their part in the fight, and neither backed down. “Hell no I’m not gonna apologize“Andrei replied, and although Charlie said he is not”resentful,His body language said otherwise. Many fans think Charlie is the worst member of the Potthast family, and it’s not hard to see why. On the Tell-All, he appeared as an aggressive and angry alcoholic, although Andrei didn’t help matters.

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Even when Charlie and Andrei had the chance to back down and defuse neither of them could, and that’s because they’re both so connected to their egos and alpha male identities. The two of them are so engrossed in the idea of ​​being a “top dog” that they are sure to face each other. It’s no surprise that the two have a constant feud, such as when Andrei and Charlie faced off at the end of the season. On the Tell-All, Chuck, Elizabeth, and her sister Jenn spoke about how their family and business have been affected by Charlie and Andrei’s behavior, and they just want the fighting to end.

In this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever?, Andrei and Charlie’s never-ending conflict has been heavily criticized by fans who are fed up with seeing the same argument over and over again. If the two can’t mash their beef soon, the Potthast family might never get over it. There can’t be two better dogs, and until Andrei and Charlie find out, the rest of their family will suffer. While they can’t stand each other, in many ways Andrei and Charlie are cut from the same fabric and their similarities make them take it all in their heads.

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