These 5 Houston-area suburbs are among the top 10 places to retire, according to a survey

According to financial technology firm SmartAsset, Houston-area suburbs topped the list of best places to retire in Texas.

On the list of 10, Houston-area suburbs took five spots, including first place.

According to SmartAsset, the consumer publishing arm of SmartAdvisor, a financial advisor research firm, the best places to retire are Katy, Richmond, Tomball, Humble and Webster.

Here is an overview of the ranking of each suburb:

1. Katie

5. richmond

6. Tom Ball

8. Humble

ten. Webster

The methodology behind the ranking is based on regional factors that affect retirees’ quality of life, including favorable taxation, medical care and social opportunities.

The researchers said they first looked at state and local tax rates, considering two types of taxes: income and sales.

“We calculated effective rates based on a retiree earning $35,000 a year (from retirement savings, Social Security, and a part-time job). We subtracted income taxes paid from gross income to determine disposable income. Sales taxes paid were calculated based on disposable income spent on taxable goods,” the research states. “Next, we determined the number of medical offices, recreation centers and retreat centers per thousand inhabitants in each locality. Finally, we measured the number of older people in each city as a percentage of the total population. In our final analysis, we ranked each location on these three factors. Next, we calculated an average ranking for each domain and weighted the three factors equally. Areas with the highest average rating were determined to be the best places to retire. »

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Ranking for all of Texas:

1. Katie

2. Granbury

3. Wooded path



6. Tombball

7. Burnet

8. Humble

9. Boern

10. Webster

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