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The Swordsman is perhaps the simplest of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds‘Five Classes: In a world of thieves, witches and destroyers, it’s sometimes reassuring to know that the simplest solution – hitting people with a sharp sword – can be the most effective. Of all the classes in the game, the Swordsman is the the most accessibleand it also makes it easier to play solo.

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The Swordsman is a fantastic versatilewhose High DPS and impressive base defense make them a powerful threat in close combat. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, though: with the right team to back it up, the Swordsman can be a deadly damage dealer in the front ranks of your PVP or PVE team. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know to master this class.


How to play as a swordsman

The Swordsman’s impressive array of stats – with High attack, defense and speed in particular – makes him a versatile fighter who can adapt effectively to many playstyles.

How you decide to play swordsman is then up to you: do you prefer survive the opponent In battle, outsmart them with a panoply of dodges and quick attacks, or simply master them by burning all your skills in one hit for incredible damage? The Swordsman gives you the flexibility to choose.

In PVP situations, your Swordsman build should also consider the composition of your existing team – for example, if you already have a destroyer in the team acting as a tank, then building a defensive swordsman might be a bit overkill. However, a swordsman with lots of defense buffs can be incredibly powerful on multiplayer teams that support him from afar with ranged damage and healing, and therefore naturally pairs with an engineer.

However you decide to build your Swordsman, some things will remain unchanged. You should use your Basic attack and To classify Skills as often as possible to maximize your DPS output and put pressure on the opposing team – a well-timed spinning assault is also great for chasing retreating enemies. Additionally, your Burst skill is extremely powerful and should always be used at the best opportunity available.

Best Pets To Pair With A Swordsman

Since your Swordsman build relies on both strong offense and defense, there are plenty of pet options available to you. People will rely on you for high damage though, and your defenses can be improved with good armor choices, so it’s best to stick with attack-type petsunless you have an express reason not to for your build.

Luckily, attack-type pets are plentiful throughout the game, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on a few.

You should also pay attention to the elements of your pets: the most important thing here is to make sure that you have a consistent element present in your build, which means your weapon of choice must match at least one of your pets in its element. If you can, however, it’s a good idea to go all out and match elements of your pets moreover, since many pets provide buffs that will stack if more pets of their element are present in your party.

For example, the Seahorse – one of the best attack-type pets in the game – increases all damage by one percent for each equipped aquatic pet. For Water-oriented builds, it’s fantastic, but it’s getting better: Seahorse also has two attack abilities.

Waterspout deals 74% of your attack (which is a combination of your and your pets’ stats) as damage and silences enemies on hit, and Torrent deals the same amount of damage but as an AoE attack that pulls enemies towards the center of the attack area. It’s great for applying pressure and for crowd control.

Other brilliant pets to pair with a swordsman include Mothfor Fire-oriented versions, and Oroboros for Earth players. Mite’s passive ability increases all fire damage by one percent, and he also has two attack abilities that deal impressive damage and apply debilitating effects: the first ability deals 41% attack as damage and burns the enemy for additional damage, and the second deals 43 percent Attack as damage and knocks the enemy down.

Oroboros behaves very similarly to Mite, having the same passive ability increasing damage, but for Earth Attack. His Spinning Attack inflicts 230% attack as damage and inflicts Poison on the enemy, and its signature Oroborospin deals a whopping 263% attack as damage, as well as knocking down enemies.

Best armor for a swordsman

A swordsman is nothing without his armor. As you might expect, the main purpose of armor is to increase your defenses, although some pieces provide other useful effects. For example, shoes and boots tend to improve your mobility granting you movement speed buffs and other helpful perks. Here are some of the best armor pieces for a swordsman:

Last name Insert Star rating Effect
Immortal helmet Head 4 Stun, Knockdown, Resist Rate Mastery +15%
holy diadem Head 4 Defense +10%
Imperial coat Body 4 Player damage -15%
black knight armor Body 4 Max HP +10%
Solid armor Body 3 Damage taken -2.5%
Berserker Gloves Hand 4 Basic skill cooldown -7.5%
Dynasty Gloves Hand 4 Special skill cooldown -7.5%
Al Khemi Shoes Feet 4 Evasion rate when attacked by a player +10%
Nimble Boots Feet 3 Movement Speed ​​+2.5%

Best Accessories for a Swordsman

Although not as fortifying as armor, accessories are an extremely important part of your build in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, as they provide a wide variety of effects to give you the edge in battle. Because of this variety, personal choice is a much bigger factor when choosing accessories – which ones work best for your build will also depend on the Elements of your Weapons/Pets and your position in a team. Nonetheless, here are a few you should keep an eye out for:

Last name Insert Star rating Effect
invincible beast Necklace 4 10% chance on attack to increase Defense by 10% for 15 seconds. 80 second cooldown.
Tyrant Scale Necklace 4 5% chance to create a shield that negates two attacks. 180 second cooldown.
Natrum earrings Earring 4 Ground Attack +7.5%.
Demon’s Cube Earring 4 10% chance on attack to deal 200% of attack as fire damage to a nearby enemy and stun them for two seconds. 150 second cooldown.
North Volcano Ring Ring 4 Attachment to fire +7.5%.
Abyss Crystal Ring 4 10% chance to activate when attacked. Deals 100% of attack as water damage per hit. Reduces movement speed by 20% for three seconds. 150 second cooldown.

Swordsman Skill Guide & Recommendations

The swordsman has three Class Skills at their disposal: Immaculate Blade quickly strikes all enemies in front of the swordsman to deal massive damage and reduce enemy movement speed, Rising slice fires energy in a line in front of the swordsman to deal good damage and reduce enemy movement speed, and Spinning Assault has the Swordsman dash towards a target in front of him while spinning to deal decent damage and knock down enemies hit. Use them all whenever you can to deal the most damage possible, then if the opponent tries to retreat, you can chase them away with a spinning assault.

Your Burst skill is Mega Slash, which does exactly what it says on the tin: your sword becomes massive and you perform a large slash with it in a 180 degree arc in front of you, dealing incredible damage. It’s fantastic in frantic close combat and can help you single-handedly change the fate of your team if deployed at the right time.

A swordsman Special active skill picks should be as versatile as they come, offering a mix of stamina and damage-dealing attacks. Some particularly good choices include siphon slot (dealing massive damage to enemies lined up in front of you, weakening their defense and improving yours), Vital Spark (boosting your party’s max HP and giving them shields, great when you’re about to get into a big fight), and weather strike (dealing heavy AoE damage from afar using your fire attack).

Likewise, your Special Passive Skills should be chosen to complement your build and help you excel in the areas you are trying to specialize in. Solid aggressive options include Death Marker (increasing your attack and stun enemies when attacked) and barrage of fire (increased fire attack and damage dealt to burnt enemies, pairing particularly well with Mite’s burn abilities). If, however, you also want to bolster your defenses with your passives, you should consider Quickly overcome (reducing the duration of Stun, Knock Down and Subdue) or Improved Defense (has a chance to greatly increase party defense when you land an attack).

The suggestions made here for active and passive skills are by no means exhaustive, and you should consider every skill available to you, as most provide benefits to the swordsman. You should also always beware of your position in a team when choosing skills: think about what could best help you fulfill your role or what could help your teammates the most.

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