Scott Wagner and Tom Hegge of True Wind on PSPCs

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True wind capital is a renowned long-term private technology investor who has also grown into one of the most respected SPAC sponsors in the market, with 3 De-SPACs to date (LPRO, CLBT, ROVR).

We were joined by Scott Wagner, the former GoDaddy CEO and long-term private equity executive, who recently joined True Wind to help lead their PSPC efforts where he is CEO of their latest PSPC Bilander Acquisition (TWCB), as good as Tom hegge, director of strategic capital at True Wind

Scott and Tom touched on a number of topics in the PSPC market, but more specifically on how sponsors must be aligned with shareholders and also ensure that their target companies present credibility and trust to their shareholder base.

Considering many current themes, including target companies lacking guidance and sponsors cashing in early, these are positive developments for the broader health of the PSPC ecosystem going forward.

Interesting conversation, listen.

The subjects

  • The advantage of true wind
  • Transition from private to public
  • Orientation and credibility of the company’s profits
  • PSPC and pipeline targets
  • True Wind De-SPAC History
  • Future of the PSPC market
  • True Wind’s plans for the future
  • SASP sponsor environment

History of True Wind Capital SPAC

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Final analysis

(Disclaimers: This is not investment advice. The author may go on and on about one or more of the actions mentioned in this report.)

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