Khan’s prequel series ‘Ceti Alpha V’ by Nicholas Meyer could become a Star Trek podcast –

The saga of Nicholas Meyer Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan The prequel has been going on for five years since the writer and director first hinted at it in a TrekMovie interview five years ago. His Ceti Alpha V It was revealed that the project was written as a three-part miniseries while he was a consulting producer on the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. It told the story of Khan Noonien-Singh’s stay on the planet Ceti Alpha V following the events of the Star Trek episode “Space Seed”, before star trek 2.

However, the project never got beyond the writing stage, and as recently as April, Meyer was talking about how it lay dormant. Now, it looks like there could finally be some movement and a possible transition of the project to a new medium.

Khancasting with Nick Meyer

As a guest on the latest episode of Front Page: The Writer’s Podcast, Nicholas Meyer was asked about the project. He replied, “It will be a podcast,” and when the host laughed, Meyer revealed he was serious:

He is. I’m not kidding…I’m in the process of getting a deal done to make this a podcast that I’ll write and presumably direct. And if the podcast is a hit, maybe we’ll come back to it on some movie.

Meyer didn’t go into further details, but when asked directly by TrekMovie, he confirmed that the project is currently a possibility. On the page one podcast, Meyer talked about the benefits of audio drama:

I love radio plays…when I was in college, I was putting on a play a week. In the name of radio plays, I believe that all major arts media rely for their success on something they omit. The tables do not move. Music has no intellectual content. Words are just code on a page. In each of these cases, it’s the imaginative contribution of the listener, the reader… When your imagination completes the sounds, which otherwise are only sounds… Only the film has the hideous capacity to do everything for you. We call it eye candy and candy is not good for you. So I look for ways to let things go. And radio is a great way to let things go. The imagination needs no training.

Nicholas Meyer on set with Ricardo Montalban during the filming of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan

Trek Audio Dramas

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a Star Trek drama podcast. In his April interview with, executive producer Alex Kurtzman revealed that he was developing new Star Trek podcasts. And in February, Simon & Schuster Audio released the audio drama Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Landwritten by Mike Johnson and picard co-creator Kirsten Beyer and featuring the voices of Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan.

Podcasting is a growing business for Hollywood, with a number of studios moving in to create audio drama. Other franchises have dabbled in episodic audio dramas, such as DC with several Batman audio dramas including Batman: The Audio Adventures on HBO Max, which featured TNG’s Brent Spiner as the Joker.

As of now, there has been no official announcement from Paramount regarding this project, so the Ceti Alpha V development saga continues. But we will post any new updates as they come.

Picard audio drama released in February

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