Holding Absence and Alpha Wolf: “You get these worlds…

Lochie: “It’s massive, absolutely massive. Even before the songs were finished, Sabian [Lynch, vocals/guitar] is in touch with our video guy who talks about what we can cook up and how we can make it as big and crazy as possible. Before joining the band, I hadn’t even seen many music videos of my favorite bands, because I thought I just needed the music, but since then I’ve changed my mind about it drastically. I’ve seen what they can do – it’s the easiest and most important form of publicity for your music. Plus, they’re super fun to make.

Lucas: “To me, a song without a video is like a movie without a soundtrack. It may exist, but there’s so much more to understand when more meaning is at stake.”

Lochie: “It’s great to see more videos moving away from the band’s performances as well. What Holding Absence does with their videos, for example, is a lot more than a few guys playing their instruments in a garage.

Lucas: “Yeah, it’s an art in itself. Alpha Wolf’s upcoming video for this EP is a great example of this – it’s the best

Lochie: “We’ve never done anything like this before – we took a page straight from your guys book! We just wanted to see how big we could make it.

Lucas: “There’s no looking back for you guys now! After that, I can’t imagine an Alpha Wolf album without a crazy video to go along with it.

Lochie: “Yeah, that’s definitely the direction we want to go. We want to keep doing things that are cinematic and pretty, rather than just doing something with a bit of animation or whatever. I don’t want to stop now.

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