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Income and property tax refund checks under the Illinois Family Relief Plan began being distributed to residents last Monday, but many likely haven’t received their checks yet.

According to Office of Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza, distribution of refund checks is expected to take up to eight weeks, which means checks will continue to be sent out until late fall.

Millions of residents who paid state income taxes for the year 2021 or paid property taxes in the calendar year are eligible for rebates, with time left for residents to file. their file to find out if they are eligible.

According to Illinois officials, residents can still receive an income tax refund check if they complete their 2021 IL-1040 tax forms online (which you can find HERE.) Residents with dependents will also need to complete a 2021 Schedule IL-E/EIC form, officials say.

Those seeking refunds have until Oct. 17 to complete the appropriate forms, according to state officials.

Not sure about receiving a payment? If you filed taxes in 2021, you’ll receive rebates through the same payment method you received your refund with.

But if you haven’t filed a tax return, you may still be eligible for refunds.

Many Illinois residents may soon see checks in the mail or money in their bank accounts thanks to new income and property tax refunds this fall, but who is eligible?

Residents who are not legally required to complete tax forms must do so if they wish to be eligible for refunds.

For individuals who paid property taxes but did not claim them on their 2021 tax return, or did not file their 2021 tax returns, there is still a way to receive a refund. These people must complete Form IL-1040-PTR to be eligible, according to officials.

Taxpayers are entitled to an income tax refund of $50 for individual filers or $100 for joint filers, provided their income is less than $200,000 or $400,000, depending on the state of the statement.

Those with dependents will also receive a $100 refund per claimed dependent, and filers are eligible for up to three such refunds.

For those who paid property taxes, residents will be eligible for a refund of up to $300, provided they paid property taxes on their principal residence in 2021 and have a lower adjusted gross income $250,000 for single filers, or $500,000 for spouses. declarants.

Residents can check the status of their refunds by visiting the state’s website or by calling 1-800-732-8866.

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