Ashes of Creation Planned Release Date and Alpha Sign-Up Process

MMORPGs have been one of these very popular genres for decades. Whether it’s World of Warcraft or other games, there are still millions of them playing it daily.

One of the next MMORPGs that has seen great popularity is none other than Ashes of creation. Ashes of creation is being developed by Intrepid Studios, and gamers are looking forward to playing the game very soon.

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The game is going to enter the Alpha stages in the next few days, and many fans are curious as to how they can sign up for the alpha as well as the game’s release date. Here’s everything you need to know about it .

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Ashes of Creation Release Date and Alpha Sign Up Process

As of yet, we have not received any official information on the release date of Ashes of creation. The Alpha stage is ready to go this month and will be followed by beta testing. Once that’s done, we can expect the game’s release date to be announced.

Alpha One testing will run from July 14 to August 13. Many players are wondering how they can participate in the Alpha One testing phase. Well, Alpha One will only be open for Kickstarter contributors and some pre-order customers.

To be part of the Alpha One stage, players must pre-order the Adventurer Pre-Order Package which costs $ 500. Here is what it contains.

  • Access to the Alpha One test phase
  • Access to the future Alpha Two test phase
  • Access to the future Beta One test phase
  • Access to the future Beta Two test phase
  • 11 months of playing time (value of $ 165)
  • $ 150 in Embers (in-game market credits, NO P2W!)
  • Ampoule Bag (Skin Cosmetic Accessory)
  • Shady Duckling (Cosmetic Pet Skin)
  • Crested Sun Feather (Cosmetic Frame Appearance)
  • Nested Vine Garment (Cosmetic Costume Skin)
  • The drifting petal (naval cosmetic appearance)
  • Hilly cabin (cosmetic appearance of a freehold building)

Anything lower than this will give you access to the Alpha Two testing phase or beta phases in the near future.

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