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California plant-based meat company Alpha Foods launched an extraordinary marketing campaign in collaboration with the advertising agency Nonsense. As part of the campaign, the seed kits allow customers to grow the ingredients used in Alpha’s meat substitutes, including its chik’n nuggets, burritos, and pot pies, all of which can be grown and harvested at home.

The popular plant-based business has also grown rapidly over the past two years, launching a direct-to-consumer platform in late 2020 to allow consumers to have meal plans delivered to their doorstep. .

“If a plant can be meat, you can do anything”

Alpha also recently hired a new chief marketing officer, Kierstin De West, who previously served as vice president of global brand management and strategy at lululemon.

“By showcasing our healthy non-GMO products by shipping seed packets directly to consumers, our goal was to demonstrate that wheat can be turned into meat,” says De West.

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Alpha Foods also raised $ 28 million in a fundraising round last year, with the total amount it raised now standing at $ 52 million. In an interview with Vegconomist, the company said it would like to see its take-out products available worldwide over the next five years.

The new marketing campaign is backed up by comical TV ads claiming that “if a plant can be meat, you can do anything – like make it less obvious which child is your favorite.”

The humorous TV commercials can be seen at the following links:

Favorite child


High school

“We saw an opportunity to work with a disruptive brand that also wanted to start a new conversation,” said Kevin Mulroy, Partner and Creative Director at Mischief. “We thought that if Alpha Foods could taste so much like real meat, it seems almost impossible, let’s have fun highlighting it through the little meaningful moments to show that anything is really possible.

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