A new Sony Alpha camera is coming tomorrow – here’s what we know


Potentially leaked Sony A7R V image

This image was shared by Sony Alpha Rumors (opens in a new tab) a few days ago, and this is apparently a leaked photo of the Sony A7R V. Main results? Keen eyes might notice that the 4K and Steady Shot markings found on the top of the AR IV are gone.

(Image credit: SonyAlphaRumors)

Sony Alpha launch: what are we waiting for?

There are a lot of rumors about Sony (opens in a new tab) speculating on what the next Sony Alpha camera might be. Reports suggest it will be the Sony A7R Vsuccessor to the 61-megapixel Sony A7R IV (opens in a new tab) which grabbed headlines and reestablished Sony as the leader in the full-frame mirrorless camera market in 2019.

Sony A7R V Rumors
In March, we heard that the Sony A7R V might have a 102MP sensor when it launched, after reporting that the Canon EOS R5S would be 100MP..

Next, we saw a detailed list of leaked Sony A7R V specs, with 9.6K oversampled video, but the same 61MP resolution. (opens in a new tab). Key features published in the report included the ability to shoot 8K video at 30 frames per second.

The latest rumblings suggest that when the Sony A7R V is released, it will be has the same image sensor as its predecessor, but will have a new processor and autofocus system with AI deep learning. And it will be capable of 8K video (with cropping).

According to leaked specs posted on Mirrorless Rumors (opens in a new tab), the Sony A7R V will be able to record cropped 8K video at 24p and 4K video at 60p and 24p that uses full sensor readout. It might feature the same heatsink as the Sony A7S III (opens in a new tab)allowing it to record in 8K for up to 30 minutes without overheating.


(Photo credit: Sony)

How to watch Sony Alpha launch

The Sony Alpha camera launch event will be streamed live via YouTube. You can find the video link at the top of this blog, which is already up as a placeholder.

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