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BEIJING, May 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (Nasdaq: WIMI) (“WiMi” ​​or the “Company”), a leading global provider of hologram augmented reality (“AR”) technology, today announced Today he had joined the Information Technology Innovation Committee of the China Association of Communications Industry (CCIAITIC) after a rigorous three-month evaluation of technical indicators. WiMi became a member of the committee and obtained the member unit certification issued by China Communications Industry Association, which once again demonstrated that the company has a strong ability to engage in software services. information and holographic augmented reality.

The China Communications Industry Association (“CCIA” or the “Association”) is registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (MCA). It is guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in its activities. It plays the role of gateway and assistant between business and government, continuously promotes technological innovation in China the communications industry and out of the country. It promotes the development of industry and makes continuous efforts to prosper the economic development of China communications sector. The Association is under the supervision of MIIT. Under the leadership of MIIT, the Association provides industry management, information exchange, business training, international cooperation, and consulting services. It aims to promote the technical progress of the industry, improve product quality, strengthen economic and technical cooperation between enterprises and institutions, strengthen ties, and improve the quality of member units and their economic benefits. The Association also promotes communication products to meet the growing demand at home and abroad to improve competitiveness in the international market.

To promote the development of China communications industry in the field of national information technology innovation, and to accelerate the integration and growth of next-generation information technology and its innovation, such as 5G communications and the Metaverse, Internet of Things, East Digital West Computing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, The creation of CCIAITIC has been approved by MCA and MIIT. The CCIAITIC is a subsidiary organization.

WiMi’s admission to CCIAITIC proves its overall global strength. WiMi is currently the leading holographic platform in China and has established a comprehensive holographic technology research and development system, a holographic content production and reserve system, and a holographic marketing system. The company holds 195 technology patents related to image processing and display, model input/output, 3D modeling and 325 software copyrights. It has produced over 4,600 high-quality, high-fidelity holographic content. WiMi’s XR head-mounted holographic display device “WiMi Hologram SoftLight”, AR holographic head-mounted display device “WiMi HoloAR Lens” and its holographic Lidar “WiMi HoloPulse LiDAR”, have all been authorized and approved by the Federal Communications Commission to enter the US market.

In the future, WiMi will seize this opportunity to further strengthen and accelerate continuous innovation in 5G communication, holographic AR, metaverse, artificial intelligence and information software development.

About WIMI Hologram Cloud

WiMi Hologram Cloud, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI), which started business operations in 2015, is a comprehensive holographic cloud technical solution provider that focuses on professional fields, including automotive HUD holographic AR software, LiDAR 3D holographic pulsating, the head mounted light field holographic. equipment, holographic semiconductor, holographic cloud software, holographic car navigation, metaverse holographic AR/VR equipment, metaverse holographic cloud software, etc. Its holographic AR services and technologies include holographic AR automotive application, 3D holographic pulse LiDAR technology, holographic vision semiconductor technology, holographic software development, holographic AR advertising technology, entertainment technology Holographic AR, holographic ARSDK payment, interactive holographic communication, metaverse holographic AR technology, metaverse virtual cloud service and other holographic AR technologies. For more information, please visit http://ir.wimiar.com.

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