The 10 toughest revenges, ranked


The most recent releases of the Pokémon franchise, Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shining Pearl Pokémon, added a requested feature to the iconic Gym Battles in the series: the ability to rematch Gym Leaders. Once the Pokémon League is over, players can face each arena leader again, fighting them once per day.

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As you might expect, these fights are much more difficult than their story counterparts. Not only is the fighting level up, but the news teams are formed EV and IV and feature the use of competitive items, providing a challenge for more seasoned veterans of the series.

8 Candice

Candice is the leader of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and the Shining Pearl Snowpoint Gym.

Candice, a gymnasium manager who specializes in types of ice, sports a significantly improved squad since her early days. Its team revolves around one main Pokémon, Abomasnow. Abomasnow’s ability, Snow Warning, activates hail, dealing damage to all non-Ice-type Pokémon, while increasing other abilities and moves. For example, two of Candice’s other Pokémon have the Snow Cloak ability, which increases dodge in hail, while her Glaceon has Ice Body, which allows her to heal in bad weather.

While his team can strike hard, especially against powerful attackers such as Weavile, all Ice Types suffer from a plethora of easily exploitable type weaknesses in the game. Shiny diamond and shiny pearl, which most top teams will have an answer to.

seven Volkner

Volkner faces off against a player in Pokemon.

Volkner’s team focuses on Electric-type Pokémon, but it’s interesting that it also contains a Pelipper, Water, and Flight-type. However, Pelipper’s Drizzle ability activates Dangerous Rain, allowing his electric-type base team to use the powerful Thunder movement with perfect precision, making him a tough gym leader and a massive threat to teams. with many electrical weaknesses.

A number of Volkner’s Pokémon also focus on high speed, such as Luxray, Raichu with the Sash item choice, and a Volteon with the Quick Feet ability, which increases its speed when suffering from a status effect. . While this team can pose a major threat, five of Volkner’s Pokémon share a weakness to Ground-type attacks, and Ground-type Pokémon will also be immune to Volkner’s thunder.


6 Roark

Players challenge Gym Leader Roark to a battle in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Roark is the rock-type gym leader, and like several other gym leader rematch, uses the weather to good effect. Using a Tyranitar with the Sand Stream ability, Roark can set up a sandstorm for his team, activating abilities like Sand Force and dealing damage to all Pokémon without hitting any stone, steel, or soil. Its team also includes highly defensive Pokémon, like a Probopass.

While Roark’s team’s high damage can be a major threat, some of his Pokémon, like Armaldo, have abilities that don’t activate during a sandstorm. Additionally, Rock-type Pokémon have a large number of weaknesses, including common types such as Grass, Fighting, and Ground.

5 Gardenia

Pokemon BDSP Gardenia

Gardenia, a gym leader focused on grass-type Pokémon, also uses the weather as a primary gadget in her rematch. In her case, she uses sunlight to heal Pokémon with the chlorophyll ability, as well as the devastating Solar Beam move, without her usual one-turn charge time.

Gardenia also has a squad that is well balanced between special and physical attackers, which can easily threaten a player’s team if they are too asymmetrical. However, several of Gardenia’s Pokémon, most notably Sunflora, have low base stats, compounded by many weaknesses in the grass types, which can be exploited by astute players.

4 Byron

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl's sixth gym leader is Byron from Canalave Gym.

Byron, whose team focuses on the Steel-types, uses entry hazards to threaten opposing teams, as well as his own team that focuses heavily on physical damage rather than special damage. In particular, his Aggron has the Rock Head ability, allowing him to defend himself from the recoil that his Head Smash blow would usually inflict on himself.

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While Byron can easily decimate reckless players, his entire streetcar shares a weakness with Combat-type moves, which can easily be exploited.

3 Fantina

Fantina is the Gym Leader of Hearthome Gym in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Fantina is the first Ghost-type trainer in the Sinnoh region, and her second team has a strong focus on status effects and debilitating opponents. From using Destiny Bond to take out Pokémon from unsuspecting players, to using the move trick to turn a negative element into a player’s possession and more, Fantina’s playstyle is heavily focused. on underhanded and unorthodox tactics. As such, players might not have the tools to easily counter Fantina, although her team thankfully shares a weakness for Ghost-type moves.

2 Accident alarm clock

Split image of Crasher Wake confronting the player in BDSP

Crasher Wake, the leader of the water-type gymnasium, also focuses on weather effects, especially rain, in his squad lineup. Crash Wake’s Politoed can use his Drizzle ability to make it rain, which will greatly increase the speed of four other Pokémon on his team, all of which have the Swift Swim ability, like Ludicolo (one of the Shiny pearlbest exclusives).

To top it off, Crasher Wake’s Gyrados has the ability to intimidate, which will reduce the attack of Pokémon in front of it. While this team can easily decimate players, it is easily brought to a halt by activating a different kind of weather. This will prevent Swift Swim from functioning, which will make his team much easier to pass and defeat.

1 Maylene

Maylene is the Gym Manager at Veilstone Gym in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Maylene, the fight-type gym leader, doesn’t use weather or weird strategies like many of her fellow gym leaders. Instead, its fighting Pokémon have moves and items tailored to their strengths. For example, his Heracross contains a Flame Orb, which activates his Guts ability, giving him a massive damage spike.

On the flip side, her Breloom has the Technician ability, which increases the power of her weaker moves, many of which allow her to move first on each turn. With a number of strategies that must be specifically countered, Maylene can be a tough fight for unprepared players.

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