Save up to $ 100 on Roland TR-06 and TR-6S Drum Machines with Amazon’s Groovy Black Friday Discounts

With the Black Friday musical offers Now is the perfect time to expand your arsenal of sounds and gear. Amazon is helping you do that by slashing the price of a rage of Roland gear, including big savings on some of its most popular. drum machines. Right now there is a huge $ 100 off the Roland TR-06– it’s a 25% discount – and $ 60 off the Roland TR-6S.

The Roland TR-06 takes the classic TR-606 format and uses it to create contemporary beats. In addition to more detailed sound editing with tuning, decay, and panning on each instrument, you can also manipulate the virtual circuit gain for each sound – which is not possible on its single-circuit analog counterpart.

There are effects too, with a built-in compressor to add punch, and the versatile tempo delay gives an extra rhythmic dimension to your patterns.

Roland TR-06

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Sequencing capabilities have been improved, offering 16 steps like the TR-606, but here you have better control with sub-step, step loop and probability controls for each step to incorporate more variation into the step. your motives.

Roland has also added integration options for the rest of your gear. USB and MIDI means the TR-606 communicates seamlessly with your DAW, as well as with the plug-in version of the TR-606. Plus, there are 5 trigger output jacks and one trigger input, allowing you to connect the TR-06 to your modular gear and sequence right from the little silver box! Read the full Roland TR-06 review to find out more.

Best drum machines: Roland TR-6S

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Elsewhere, Amazon has downsized the TR-6S, which offers extremely powerful sound and a feature set for even less. With this Black Friday deal, you can buy the TR-6S for $ 349.99, down $ 60 from its regular price of $ 409.99.

Inside there are sounds based on several Roland classics such as the 808, 909, 707 and 606, organized into 128 presets, with 128 additional slots so you can freely mix and match the sounds of your own kits. personalized.

In addition to that, it has an FM sound engine to let you create hybrid sounds and effects in your beats. In addition, you can also import your own samples through the included SD card port, allowing you to easily add sounds from your own productions into your patterns.

The fun doesn’t end there, as Roland has included a bunch of effects ranging from filtering, transient shaping, distortion and saturation to modulation, delays, reverbs and more.

There’s a 16-step sequencer, a USB audio / MIDI interface, and it can even run on batteries to create moving rhythms! Dive deeper into our comprehensive review of the Roland TR-6S.

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