Houston woman finds bracelet containing her mother’s ashes

When Hobby Airport traveler Shara Fisher discovered that her beloved bracelet containing her mother’s ashes was missing, she was more than upset.

Fisher had traveled from Dallas to Houston last Thursday to see his daughter, Amber Crabtree, and found out after her trip that the jewelry was missing. The next morning, Fisher set off in desperate search of the missing bracelet.

“I knew I lost him somewhere between Dallas and Houston,” Fisher told Chron. “I had left voicemail messages at Dallas Love Airport Lost and Found and Hobby Airport Lost and Found.”

Thanks to fellow Hobby Airport traveler Desiree Encinas and the power of Facebook, Fisher tracked down the bracelet that carried her mother’s ashes on January 28. When Encinas, from Arizona, found the bracelet, she knew it was an important piece to someone and took to social media to find its owner. His post quickly went viral. It was Fisher’s daughter, Amber, who was the first to report the discovery of the precious memory.

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“My daughter said, ‘Oh my God, Mom, they found your bracelet!’” Fisher said. “She told me that a lady traveling to Hobby Airport had contacted media and social media to find the owner of the bracelet.”

Fisher said it was one of the most emotional moments for her when she learned the bracelet had been retrieved. The silver bracelet has a heart-shaped charm attached with an engraved thumbprint on the side. The thumbprint belonged to her mother, Evelyn, who died on Christmas Eve.

The silver bracelet had a silver heart-shaped charm attached with her mother’s thumbprint engraved on one side.

Shara Fisher

“I was actually driving. I finally cried so hard I had to pull over on the side of the freeway,” Fisher said. “I was ecstatic. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it.”

Thinking back to the bracelet’s unique reunion, Fisher felt it was a sign from his mother.

“I think she’s letting me know she’s okay,” Fisher said. “I can’t describe it. I’m grateful, grateful and blessed. I’m just grateful that my bracelet ended up in someone’s hands who realized it was important to someone.”

Update: We have found the owner! Great job Facebook! Yesterday evening 1/28 I found this bracelet which seems to have a loved one …

Posted by Désirée Encinas on Friday, January 29, 2021

Fisher thinks it is ironic and fortuitous that the bracelet was found by a traveler from Arizona. Sedona was just her mother’s favorite place to visit. In fact, Evelyn had requested that her ashes be spread there.

Hobby airport traveler Shara Fisher tracked down the bracelet with her mother's ashes with the help of another traveler and the power of Facebook.

Hobby airport traveler Shara Fisher tracked down the bracelet with her mother’s ashes with the help of another traveler and the power of Facebook.

Shara Fisher

“Sedona was where my mom always wanted to be. She always said she felt healthier in Arizona,” Fisher said. “She loved the mountains and the sun. Somehow my determined mom found a way to get to Arizona.”

Fisher said she and her siblings plan to fly to Arizona, visit the Encinas, and collect the bracelet. Then they plan to spread her mother’s ashes in Sedona. Fisher has a special message of thanks to Encinas for bringing him the bracelet.

“I thank her for having the decency, the humanity to know the importance of the bracelet and for going to great lengths to find the owner,” said Fisher.

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