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Ensuring compliance with the False Claims Act has never been more important to healthcare providers. In March 2020, we saw healthcare professionals stand at the forefront of one of the greatest health crises in a generation, and we saw our healthcare system quickly stressed to the breaking point by the pandemic. of COVID-19. Over the next few months, we have seen billions of stimulus dollars distributed by the federal government to provide economic assistance to individuals and businesses. At the end of 2020, we saw the start of a massive and historic vaccine deployment aimed at stemming the continuing rising tide of COVID-19 infections against the backdrop of leadership shifts at the highest levels of government. The Annual Review of Fraud and Abuse in Bass, Berry & Sims Healthcare aims to help healthcare providers better understand the civil and criminal enforcement risks they face in this time of great uncertainty. for the health sector. Our latest review of healthcare fraud and abuse takes a closer look:

1. Issues to watch in the healthcare sector in 2021

2. CarES Law Enforcement Implications (Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Against Coronavirus / COVID-19 Relief

3. Notable False Claims Act Regulations from 2020

4. Comprehensive Coverage of Important Decisions of the False Claims Act

5. Notable Developments Regarding Stark Law and Anti-Rebound Status

6. Developments in law enforcement affecting the pharmaceutical and medical device industries …

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