Global Sugar Free Ice Cream Market 2021-2030: Market Expected To Over $ 7 Billion By 2030, As Retail Market Expands –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–The “Sugar-Free Ice Cream Market by Type, Form, End Use, and Distribution Channel: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2030” report was added to offer.

The global sugar-free ice cream market was valued at $ 2,524.5 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $ 7,355.0 million by 2030, registering a CAGR of 9.6% from 2021 to 2030.

Sugar free ice cream is made with little or no sugar. Sometimes this type of ice cream is made with jaggery to keep the calorie content low. Currently, sugar-free ice cream is gaining popularity in the market due to an increase in the number of health conscious people.

Ongoing innovations in sugar alternatives have enabled players operating in the food industry to introduce low-calorie food products without compromising taste, which is expected to drive the growth of the global sugar-free ice cream market.

An increase in technological reforms has reduced the need for manpower through automation, resulting in a more stationary and inactive lifestyle, making humans more susceptible to various diseases, including diabetes. Due to the increase in the number of diabetic patients, the demand for sugar-free products has increased significantly in the food industry. Traditional sweeteners used in foods and drinks are high in calories, which puts diabetics at risk, which in turn is expected to drive demand for sugar-free ice cream.

During COVID-19, the sugar-free ice cream industry was negatively impacted, due to supply chain disruptions that affected ice cream sales. Additionally, many people avoided eating ice cream because they believed it would make them vulnerable to COVID-19.

In recent years, the growth of the food industry has been fueled by experimental diets and health-conscious trends. Companies strive to meet new nutritional and sourcing requirements as consumers become more aware of the ingredients in food products. One of the key strategies implemented by some key players has been the introduction of new product portfolios. Despite the fact that ice cream and frozen desserts have been a stable and mature market, the sugar-free ice cream market has recently experienced significant growth.

The ban on synthetic compounds in several countries has influenced the market and consumer preferences. Sugar-free ice cream has seen a changing trend due to new manufacturing and ingredient-based processes. The makers of the sugar-free ice cream market are most concerned with maintaining texture, consistency, and taste.

New safety regulations in the food industry are likely to impact the future growth of the sugar-free ice cream market.

Several trends have influenced consumer behavior and preferences; for example, sugar-free ice cream was preferred by consumers over regular ice cream.

Sugar Free Ice Cream now has keto, vegan, and organic labels, along with other labels. As more and more people try to lose weight, their preference for sugar-free ice cream has increased. Moreover, it is an ideal option for diabetics to satisfy the cravings of diabetic patients without increasing their blood sugar levels.

According to the Sugar Free Ice Cream market analysis, the market is segmented into flavor, shape, end use, distribution channel, and region. Based on flavor, the market is categorized into vanilla, chocolate, mint chips, strawberry, salted caramel, peanut butter, coffee, and others. Depending on the shape, it is divided into pints, bars / sticks, sandwiches, and others. According to the end use, it is divided into B2B and B2C. Depending on the distribution channel, it is fragmented into supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores and others.

According to the sugar-free ice cream market forecast, sugar-free ice cream comes in two varieties, ice cream and standard ice cream. According to sugar-free ice cream market trends, the trend towards product labeling has resulted in the use of multiple product labels such as low carb, dairy free, and non-GMO. In recent years, the popularity of non-GMO and vegan sugar-free ice cream has grown significantly. Calorie content per kilogram has been a key differentiator from sugar-free ice cream.

In recent years, the major players in the sugar free ice cream market have adopted various strategies. Some companies have experimented with new coconut oils and new dietary fibers to maintain the nutritional value of sugar-free ice cream. To meet the wide range of taste preferences, some companies have introduced exotic flavors in sugar-free ice cream. These innovations are expected to be an important factor for the growth of the sugar-free ice cream market in the coming years. Recently introduced sugar-free ice cream flavors include cookie dough, sea salt caramel, birthday cakes, marshmallow, and peanut butter.

Companies mentioned

  • Amul

  • Baskin robbins

  • Beyond Better Foods LLC

  • Havmor

  • Hershey Creamery Company

  • Mammoth Creameries

  • Nestlé SA

  • Hill Dairy Turkey

  • Unilever

  • Wells Enterprises Inc.

Main topics covered:

1 Market overview

1.1. Definition and scope of the market

1.2. Main conclusions

1.2.1. Better investment pockets

1.1. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

1.4. Market share analysis / Positioning of the best players, 2020

1.5. Market dynamics

1.5.1. Conductors Respond to dietary fads with sugar-free ice cream Availability of various flavored ice creams Expansion of the retail market

1.5.2. Detention Seasonal product

1.5.1. Opportunities Development of innovative sugar substitutes Introduction of lactose-free ice cream

1.6. Impact of COVID-19

1.7. Parent-Peer Market Outlook

1.8. Pain point analysis

1.9. Value chain analysis

1.10. Consumers Analysis of the Sugar Free Ice Cream Market

1.10.1. Important factor for buying sugar-free ice cream

1.10.2. Customers are likely to check the ingredients of sugar-free products

2 Sugar Free Ice Cream Market, By Flavor

3 Sugar Free Ice Cream Market, By Shape

4 Sugar Free Ice Cream Market, By End Use

5 Sugar-Free Ice Cream Market, By Distribution Channel

6 Sugar Free Ice Cream Market, By Region

7 Competition landscape

7.1. Best winning strategies

7.2. Product mapping

7.1. Competitive scoreboard

7.4. Competitive heat map

7.5. Key developments

8 company profiles

Key market segments

By type

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Mint chip

  • Strawberry

  • Salted caramel

  • Peanut Butter

  • Coffee

  • Others

By form

  • Pints

  • Bars / Stick

  • Sandwich

  • Others

By end use

By distribution channel

  • Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

  • Convenience Stores

  • Specialty stores

  • Online sales channel

By region

North America


  • UK

  • Finland

  • Sweden

  • Denmark

  • Poland

  • Italy

  • The rest of europe

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