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Since the dawn of Genshin Impact, Anemo Supports has been essential in almost every team, increasing their damage in various ways. The Viridescent Venerer Artifact Set is an integral part of their kit, providing massive resistance and amplifying the team’s overall damage by one ton. Other than that, some Anemo mounts can also equip weapons that further enhance the damage done to their team, which ultimately puts them in a class of their own. In this article, we have categorized the many Anemo supports in the game into another Genshin Impact list of levels.

Genshin Impact Tier List Anemo Support

SS level

Venti – The Anemo Archon himself, Venti stands above this Genshin Impact tier list, thanks to its phenomenal crowd control abilities and insane damage even for a stand. He gets even better with his 5-star bow, Elegy of the End, increasing his team’s overall damage to new heights. Due to how Swirl works, having enemies grouped together causes his damage to skyrocket, as each enemy takes damage from the whirlpools of each enemy around them. He can also focus some AoE skills, like Ganyu’s Burst, making him extremely strong in Permafreeze teams. If you can get the chance, Venti is probably the best attraction in the whole game.

Kazuha – This wandering samurai has traveled far, ending up next to the throne of the Anemo Archon. Even without an incredible source of crowd control, Kazuha makes up for the huge boost of Elemental DMG he provides to his entire team. He can also perform dual element whirlwind tech, which is extremely crucial for some meta-teams. Having the 5 Star Freedom-Sworn is also a huge damage boost for his team, making him very popular in hardcore endgame compositions.

Level S

Sucrose – Our resident bio-alchemist, Sucrose, is surprisingly underrated as an Anemo carrier. Some consider it a low-budget Venti, but it has its own specialties that make it fit better than others in certain compositions. Her talents primarily provide a huge amount of Elemental Mastery to her entire team, which makes her powerful in teams that rely on strong elemental reactions like Vaporize and Melt. Its crowd control isn’t remarkable, but it’s good enough for throwing medium-sized enemies.

A level

Jean – In addition to shredding resistances, Jean can also heal a ton, which makes her very useful if you need a healer on your team. Her elemental skill can lift small to medium sized enemies, which you can then throw high into the air, allowing them to take massive damage when they hit the ground. This feat was so intense at the start of Spiral Abyss, when the power level of the characters is not as high as it is today.

Sayu – Sayu is a new Anemo character from Inazuma and has proven to be very useful as a general purpose character in many teams. She can shred resistances, heal a ton, and most importantly, provide incredible mobility for exploration. His elemental skill allows him to curl into a ball and move at high speed, and can last for a considerable amount of time. If you are planning to explore the surroundings of Teyvat, having Sayu on your team is definitely a delight, that’s for sure.

Level B

Anemo Traveler – At the beginning of Genshin Impact, the Traveler has been useful as an accessible alternative to Venti, in the aspect of regrouping enemies. Over time, most players will now have access to Sucrose, which has caused the Traveler to disappear somewhat in the current metagame. However, the Anemo Traveler can still pull its own weight, thanks to its free constellations and ease of use. With the right set of artifacts and the right weapons, he can still perform well even late in the game.

that’s all for that Genshin Impact List of levels. We now have an entire section for this, so check out the Genshin Impact Level list tag here if you are looking for more.

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