When was the last time you washed your pillow? With the self-cleaning Alpha Pillow 2, you won’t need to

It is a common belief that the only role of a pillow is to provide comfort and support. However, the pillow has more than one job. It must maintain a posture, an optimal temperature and keep your skin healthy. Most pillows, while comfortable, become sumps for germs and bacteria from constant skin contact, sweat, drooling (yes, that’s right), and your breath. These germs get infected in your pillow, making them dirtier over time, so much so that your pillow can be the main cause of your acne. While it’s not particularly possible to wash your pillow every 2-3 days, the Alpha Pillow has a better solution.

Realizing that a pillow is more than just a soft bag with cotton inside, Ivana Lowchareonkul designed the Alpha pillow. In its second iteration (after a fairly popular first release on Kickstarter), the Alpha Pillow 2 addresses the different parameters that a pillow must maintain to provide you with “healthy sleep” – this includes support, softness, breathability, cooling and the ability to self-disinfect. The design of the Alpha Pillow 2 begins with a bamboo charcoal infused foam mass, which in addition to providing the benefits of memory foam, also uses activated charcoal to neutralize microorganisms and toxins. . The foam pillow features ergonomically placed air cells that promote breathability, and an aqua-gel membrane on one side of the pillow allows it to function as the ‘perpetually cool side’, keeping your face cool. cool while you sleep. While the carbon infused foam does a fairly efficient job of keeping your pillow free of germs and microorganisms, the Alpha Pillow’s silver fabric cover provides the first line of defense, destroying bacteria, viruses and bacteria. mold before they can even spread. The pillow itself comes with a bamboo fabric cover, followed by a unique fabric made from silver fibers that have been laboratory tested to be incredibly effective in self-disinfecting the pillow. Silver emits ions which have the ability to break down microorganisms (a characteristic that has been widely used in the fight against the pandemic). The outer fabric of the pillow is made of real silver fibers, woven together to give the soft and comfortable effect of satin, resulting in a pillow that is both comfortable and healthy.

The Alpha Pillow 2 adapts to a variety of sleeping postures. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, the pillow’s foam construction gives you the softness and support you need, while helping to keep your spine aligned while you sleep. It also features a reversible design, offering a warm side for winters and a cool side for the rest of the year, as well as ergonomically placed air cells that allow air circulation. Whichever side you choose, the Alpha Pillow 2 gives you a clean and comfortable experience. Along with the softness and support of the traditional pillow, it wicks away moisture, keeps you sweat-free, and actively self-disinfects, staying clean and germ-free at all times. The Alpha Pillow 2 comes in two sizes (one regular and one king), and you can even get optional silver infused sheets and pillow cases … just in case you don’t want to change. and wash the bed linen!

Designer: Ivana T. Lowchareonkul

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Alpha ™ Pillow 2.0 – Aqua Cooling Membrane

Alpha Pillow 2.0 is a carbon infused memory foam pillow, with air cell breathability, aqua gel cooling membrane, ultra-soft bamboo and pure silver fibers on the scale. micron for an effective self-cleaning effect (certified and laboratory tested).

Pure silver fibers – The money has been used by NASA, US Special Forces, and Olympic athletes to create germ-free textiles. Their certified and laboratory tested pure silver fibers have achieved an efficiency of 99.9%.

Water cooling gel membrane – Aqua Gel Cooling Membrane technology helps dissipate body heat to help you feel cooler so you can fall asleep faster. Providing instant freshness and ultimate comfort.

Carbon foam and air cell – Ergonomically placed carbon and alpha air cells increase comfort and breathability from perspiration and snoring.

Bamboo Premium – The activated charcoal in bamboo charcoal absorbs toxins, prevents mold growth, and purifies the air by absorbing harmful gases.


For every sleep

Supports sensitive pressure areas to facilitate sleeping postures. Affected nerves can trigger migraines, ensuring that your spine is properly aligned in its natural position will minimize nerve irritation. It will also help relieve muscle tension around the neck.

Alpha allows your spine to be more aligned than traditional cotton pillows. It elevates your upper body, helps unblock the airways and nasal passages so that you can breathe easier.

The coolest sleep

Alpha’s Aqua Gel cooling membrane provides instant freshness and ultimate comfort. If you need a warmer or softer side, just flip the pillow over and enjoy your new experience.


The most common bacteria found in bedding are Gram-negative rods ~ 42 percent, Gram-positive rods ~ 27%, bacilli ~ 25%, and Gram-positive cocci ~ 12%. The power of silver technology will act as a shield to keep your bedding fresh.

Alpha Pillow 2.0 only needs to be washed 7 times less often than the standard cotton pillow. Alpha Silver is fully coated on the fibers for a more permanent effect.

Fall asleep faster

Alpha’s bamboo charcoal infused memory foam allows the pillow to mold to the shape of your head and neck, supporting sensitive pressure areas to help you relax and fall asleep more quickly.

Laboratory tested

Click here to buy now: $ 99 $ 179 ($ 80 off). Hurry, there are less than 72 hours left! Raised over $ 300,000.

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