What is the Alpha Key in Locke & Key season 2? Powers Explained

The second season of the mystical Locke & Key series has been released on Netflix and just like the first season, it is full of surprises, horror and of course keys. The Locke siblings embark on new adventures, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they watch the demonic entity Dodge make the lives of Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode more difficult.

The series is based on a fictional comic book of the same name and there are a lot of supernatural things going on, the most important of which are the different keys and their superpowers.

What is the Alpha Key in Season 2?

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Among other keys, the Alpha key appears in season two and it is arguably a very powerful key, capable of killing demons.

The Alpha Key is the first key created by Tyler Locke from the Whispering Iron in the fishing lure given to him by his father, Rendell Locke.

It originally comes from a demon crossing the Black Gate in 1988, along with the demonic entity Dodge. Because the demon couldn’t find a host, he turned to Whispering Iron.

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When a person is possessed by a demon, the Alpha Key has the power to separate the demon from the host’s soul. A padlock appears on the host’s chest when the Alpha Key is nearby. When the key is inserted and turned, the demon materializes inside the host and transforms into a Whispering Iron.

How does Tyler use the Alpha Key?


To save his beloved girlfriend Jackie who is possessed by a demon, Tyler creates the Alpha Key which unlocks demons from a person’s soul and kills both the demon and the host.

In the huge fight between the Locke siblings and the demons of Dodge in the season two finale, Tyler uses the Alpha Key on Dodge.

As Dodge battles Kinsley and is about to die, Tyler stabs Dodge in the back of the head with the Alpha Key.

Tyler’s Alpha Key manages to kill Dodge and separate Lucas from the demon. If Lucas wasn’t an “Echo” he would have died too, but as a reincarnated character he cannot die.

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