Waze is currently experimenting with dark mode in the Alpha version | What to know about the day and night settings?

Google’s Waze app is currently pre-testing for a new feature. The update is focused on supporting Dark Mode on the platform. For a long time, many people have been waiting for this change.

Waze Dark Mode spotted via screenshots

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Waze is now testing dark mode on the alpha test. Several screenshots showed its interface. Learn more about this story.

According to Geektime, there were “Dark Mode” screenshots on its website that indicated that Waze had urged users to test the recent feature.

Right now, the first feature is on pre-alpha testing, which means only a few users would be able to access it. There is no mention of the specific number of people who could access Early Access.

Based on the screenshots shared by Geektime, Dark Mode may soon roll out for Android and iOS users. Specifically, the company is performing its current test for the feature on version 4.7.8 which was just released a few weeks ago.

According to Waze, the feature is still under initial development, which means it won’t be stable at all times. The company clarified that alpha testers may encounter issues and bugs when using it on the latest version.

Waze added that after collecting all the feedback from early testers, this is the time it will launch the Dark Mode feature on target platforms.

Going back to the screenshots, there is no indication as to whether Waze users will be allowed to automatically or manually turn on Dark Mode. Most likely, that would be a possibility since the app’s night mode sticks to the same thing.

Waze said there is no combination of dark and light modes that will occur. In short, you can’t use a light themed UI with a dark background etc.

This feature is intended to reduce eye strain experienced by users during nighttime use. More importantly, drivers who use navigation software will likely use dark mode when the app is in low light.

Day and night settings in Waze

According to a BGR report released on Monday, October 25, many apps have already added the Dark Mode setting to their systems. For Waze’s part, there isn’t a true dark mode that users could use at the moment.

Only the Day and Night settings will change the color scheme of the map. These settings are limited only to changing the color but not the appearance of the user interface.

The original colors of the application will be kept. By choosing night mode, your navigation display will have a different mix.

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Alternative to Waze that you should try

In April, Tech Times reported that you can upgrade to a new tool called TomTom AmiGO that works similarly to Waze. At the time of writing, this navigation app would launch on Android Auto.

While driving, it is good to have a good interface that will show you the obstacles along the way. TomTom AmiGo will warn you if there are bumps, speed cameras, traffic jams and even dangers on the road.

We expect it to introduce more features for parking, charging and more in the near future.

In August, Waze announced it would adopt new lane guidance assistance. This serves as an upgrade to counter Google Maps.

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