“They should be banned” – Alpha Tauri boss knows what caused the Verstappen-Stroll tire to puncture

“They should be banned” – The boss of Alpha Tauri knows what caused the Verstappen-Stroll tire to puncture during the Azerbaijani Grand Prix.

Red Bull and Aston Martin had a partly sad end to their efforts in the Azerbaijani Grand Prix, as Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll were given the opportunity to get the most out of the race.

But partly because their other drivers managed to finish on the podiums, and Mercedes went home without any points. But looking at the big picture, the unprecedented flat tires are a safety concern.

Red Bull’s sister team Alpha Tauri boss Franz Tost explained why it happened and he said he had previously warned everyone about their risks and wanted it to be banned.

“I said three years ago that they should be banned. However, many other teams were against this because everyone thought they would have an advantage with something special, ”Tost explained to Auto, Motor and Sport.

“The problems are in fact self-made. There are several reasons against tire warmers. On the one hand technology and on the other hand sustainability ”.

And it’s unnecessarily expensive.

Tost goes on to say that while they are unnecessary and pose a serious risk, he also pointed out the huge costs that teams pay for this that can be used elsewhere.

“You should see how many tire warmers are plugged in overnight. Third, the cost. I signed a contract for 2022 around the tire warmers and it amounted to 375,000 euros, ”Tost concluded.

Pirelli gives explanations

Pirelli had answers to give when the FIA ​​summoned them for the two accidents in Baku. After an investigation by the tire manufacturers, they claim that Aston Martin and Red Bull operated at low pressure.

This ultimately caused their collapse in the latter part of the race, but some teams are not convinced by this explanation and are looking for an elaborate answer.

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