The return of the queen: 7 reasons why we are delighted with the return of “ALPHA” by CL

Lee Chaelin, known as CL, is one of the most creative Korean artists of our time. From her early days as a frontman, lead rapper, lead dancer, and lead singer of 2NE1, until she was released so she could continue her solo career, and everything in between, CL has seen and done it all. and the world testifies to it.

Here are seven compelling reasons we’re excited about CL’s return this year.

1. Its history

CL’s solo career has been brewing for a very long time, starting with “The Baddest Female” in 2013 and followed a few years later by “Hello Bitches”. The motto was clear: CL is all about kissing her badass self, and she’s here to tell us all about it. When she made her American debut with “Lifted” making her the first Korean artist to make the Billboard Hot 100 chart it was living proof that his potential is unmatched, and certainly, his fulfillment as a soloist was never a question of if, but simply a question of when. Her upcoming album “ALPHA” contains the next chapter in her story, depicting the alpha personality she embodies.

2. His artistic talent

Now that she has put together a team under her own Very Cherry label, the sky is the limit for CL as she has regained full control of her creativity. In addition, her fans are more and more impatient to finally witness the debut of her first full solo album, much anticipated since 2015. Going independent for a while, the artist blessed her audience with an EP titled “In The” Name Of Love, “which contained a selection of songs that had been put on hold for a while. Through songs such as” I Quit “and” One and Only, “she went beautifully from rapper to singer. At times, she embraces both roles in one song and masters them like a pro. Since then, fans have been both reassured and even more thrilled to see what else the Queen has in store for them.

3. His presence on stage

Listening to CL songs is one thing, but watching his majestic live performances is a whole different experience – an experience that marks your soul and stays with you for quite some time. When she debuted in “HWA” in 2020, everyone who watched her performance thought the same thing: CL is back to rip hearts with her startling lyrics and flawless execution of the choreography, and we are here for that!

4. His very first studio album

“ALPHA” is the declaration of the decade, literally. This album has been simmering for so many years that it has become one of the most anticipated albums in recent memory, especially for fans of Blackjack and GZB. The artist has already teased the album’s content with a double single, “SPICY” and “Lover Like Me”, both of which showcase CL’s duality as well as the endless array of emotions she channels through. through his music. The album title says a lot about its content while keeping fans and the general public alike on their toes, waiting to explore the masterpiece that CL has perfected so far. Stay tuned for the album’s official release in October!

5. His lyrical playing

We all know CL is quite the word trainer, and it’s pretty visible in her lyrics. “Energy, power, chemistry” is the artist’s new anthem, and she doesn’t hesitate to express it loud and clear through her single “SPICY”, where she speaks proudly of her country, Korea.

” Where do we come from
Corean people
Climb higher
Spice up everything
Now put the flyers
We can never be stopped
You get tired
We’re going up but you’re going to retire “

In her latest single “Lover Like Me”, CL channels her emotional side to delve into the consequences of a breakup while asserting her value as a partner. Afterward, she says goodbye to her ex in the fastest way possible.

“I caught you there honey
You so, so funny
You come back running, running
Yeah you miss my love
And you miss my money
I’ll tell you something, something

I just gotta let you know
If you’re gonna let me go
You’ll never find another lover like me
No lover like me “

Overall, messages of self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem are how CL always chooses to address her audience, even when things get overwhelming and personal. The tracks that haven’t been released yet are certainly as impressive lyrically as the current versions are!

6. His fashion statements

CL’s wardrobe is both complementary and complementary to its visuals. Whatever this fashion icon wears, she rocks it effortlessly. Here’s a look at some of her most recent looks that make us want to see what else CL has in store for us!

Bonus: her outstanding appearance in her Met Gala debut with a daring outfit that fits this year’s American theme like a glove.

7. His presence on social networks

Since she’s been under the radar for a long time, CL naturally took a break from social media. Adding that to not being able to see or hear his performance was sad enough for the fans. Fortunately, now that she’s back, so is her social media presence. If you’re not already following her, check out her Instagram account below and prepare to be inundated with a handful of aesthetics, music news, fashion statements, and simply CL being CL.

What are you most excited about while waiting for the release of CL’s full debut album? Let us know in the comments below!

Esme L. is a dreamer, writer and passionate about Moroccan Hallyu.

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