The Metaverse Alpha Sandbox opens November 29

You might be familiar with the sandbox video game genre, although not many people have probably heard of the game called The Sandbox. It has quite a story behind it, but suffice to say that, in its current form, it’s a sandbox blockchain title that essentially lets you create your own gaming experiences within it. And it also launches The Sandbox Metaverse alpha at the end of this month.

But what is the Sandbox metaverse? The idea behind this is pretty much the concept of the Metaverse, a virtual world that mimics elements of real life, with its own twists and turns. And the alpha aims to show what his metaverse can look like, but naturally on a smaller scale.

During the alpha, players can access three unique experiences in The Sandbox Metaverse, as well as the central Alpha Hub. The latter serves up pretty much this game’s version of an MMO lobby.

Source: The Sandbox Metaverse.

Of course, being a blockchain-based game, you will need a crypto-wallet to participate. And if you’re already heavily involved with the entire crypto economy, then The Sandbox Metaverse has something for you. Until the opening of the alpha, up to 1000 Alpha Passes have been created and are given to landowners. Landing inside the game refers to the size of the space you have available to create your own sandbox experience.

The Alpha Pass itself is like the Battle Pass you’ll find on other games today. Complete the track to get rewards. But the ultimate reward for The Sandbox Metaverse Alpha Pass is 1000 SAND Coins. Each SAND coin is worth, at the time of writing, a value of US $ 6.25 (~ RM26).

For non-owners, there will be daily social contests, and up to 750 Alpha Passes will be distributed in this way. Beyond that, the only other way to get an Alpha Pass is to buy it from someone who has it on OpenSea. Yes, the Alpha Pass itself is an NFT ticket.

The sandbox metaverse
Source: The metaverse / sandbox support.

If you are into the idea of ​​the Metaverse itself and are very interested in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, then maybe the Metaverse Sandbox is something you should look into. And that alpha may be the reason why you are going for it. You can find out more through his website, as well as his Medium article explaining the alpha, linked below.

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