Staten Island Academy sweeps away PSAA girls and boys’ football crowns

It was Groundhog day, again.

For the second year in a row, the Staten Island Academy men’s and women’s football teams won the PSAA crowns on the same day – although the victory on the women’s circuit was unceremonious.

As the boys claimed a 1-0 victory over seed and host Stony Brook on Friday, the Lady Tigers were crowned champions when Portledge conceded the title game after being mandated for quarantine due to the Covid-19 protocols.

Nevertheless, it was a clean slate and a great day for the program.

“This is my ninth season as a head coach, and last year was my first title, so it’s unheard of for us,” said boys coach Anthony Pisciottano.

“For us to come back here and rehearse is phenomenal,” he added.

On the girls’ circuit, it was a bittersweet end – but a championship end, nonetheless.

“I feel bad for the girls, we trained hard, not only for the season, but for the PSAA Championship and they were ready,” said coach George Devine.

“We won the PSAA, but not as we wish,” he added. “I am convinced that we will see [Portledge] next season, and we’ll be ready.

As for the game that was played, the Tigers showed a solid defensive effort, perpetuated by the domination of Dan Saputo in midfield.

A collective effort kept the Tigers in control throughout the afternoon, while Justin Selznik’s tenacity led the battle for possession – limiting Stony Brook to just five shots in total, including two on goal. .

“Everything was defensive today, the game controlled in midfield,” said Pisciottano. “They played spectacularly, these guys locked in today.”

Ten minutes after the start of the second half, Jeremiah Geneve found the back of the net on a Dan Kost touch.

That goal turned out to be the winner of the game, although a late rally ultimately forced the Tigers to the triumph.

“For 75 minutes we controlled the play and dictated the play, but the last five minutes we had to hold on,” said Pisciottano, who saw his goalkeeper, Troy Batelman, have scoring opportunities in the last. straight line.

“He kept us in the game at the end of the game, they threw everything at him,” added Pisciottano.

In the end, the Tigers came out unscathed and victorious.

“It’s spectacular for the kids to come out and have the opportunity to compete and rehearse as champions,” said Pisciottano, whose team will earn 11 senior diplomas.

“I couldn’t be happier for [those seniors], “he added.” I hope we get the chance to do it again next year. “

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