Pioneering Spirit installs HKZ Alpha Topside – Gallery

The upper part of the Hollandse Kust (zuid) Alpha (HKZ Alpha) offshore substation was installed on its jacket foundation in the Dutch North Sea, some 20 kilometers off The Hague.

HKZ Alpha is one of two 700 MW offshore substations that TennesT ordered from Petrofac and which will connect the 1.5 GW Hollandse Kust Zuid offshore wind farm to the Dutch grid.

Marco kuijpers, Director of Offshore Projects to the Director of Tennet, said: “With the installation of the Alpha topside, the Offshore Grid that TenneT is building in the North Sea is taking more and more shape. Hollandse Kust (zuid) Alpha is the first connection of an offshore wind farm to the Maasvlakte, with a capacity of 700 MW. Wind energy plays a crucial role in the energy transition, also in industry, and I am proud that TenneT can thus contribute to a sustainable future.

Petrofac worked on the fabrication of two high voltage alternating current (HVAC) transformer stations – HKZ Alpha and HKZ Beta – in Dry dock world court in Dubai since last year.

Specialist in the transport and transport of heavy loads Mammoet handled the weighing and loading of the 3,830 tonne Alpha Topside onto the Tai An Kou transport vessel in mid-November.

Tai An Kou then sailed from Dubai to the Alexiahaven on the Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, where he arrived on Tuesday December 21, TenneT reported.

At Alexiahaven, the topside HKZ Alpha was loaded from Tai An Kou on the multi-functional platform installation and removal vessel, Pioneering spirit, through All seas.

After hauling the top and completing the preparatory work, Pioneering Spirit accurately placed the structure on his jacket, TenneT Said.

“It’s great to be involved in an energy project of such strategic importance for the Netherlands” noted Edouard Heerema, President and CEO of Allseas.

“Pioneering Spirit has made a name for itself in recent years with pioneering elevators in the oil and gas industry. The successful installation of the Alpha topside demonstrates the versatility of the vessel and our added value in the energy transition.

The topside HKZ Beta is expected to follow in the first quarter of next year, TenneT said.

When fully operational in 2023, the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm will become the largest operating offshore wind farm in the world. The subsidy-free wind farm will generate enough electricity to meet the annual needs of more than two million homes.

Sami iskander, CEO of the Petrofac Group, said: “The secure installation of the Alpha topside is an important step in the delivery of this important energy transition project. Everyone involved can be proud of this achievement. Petrofac has made its mark in offshore wind power over the past decade. This is reflected in the competence of our engineers and the quality of our products. We are working closely with our partners on the delivery of the Beta topside and a successful network connection. “

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