Phantoms reused their sneakiest trick

The Young Justice: Phantoms finale sees the HBO Max series re-use Alpha Team’s most devious maneuver not once, but twice to great effect.

The following contains spoilers for the Young Justice: Phantoms finale, “Death and Rebirth,” now streaming on HBO Max.

young justice saw Nightwing students deploy various tactics to help the Justice League keep the world safe. Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy and Wally West/Kid Flash were so strong they could have easily gone straight into the League. But Dick Grayson’s team was proud of his brains, not just his brawn.

Their most devious strategy is also the most subtle: fake death. young justice fans will remember how Artemis staged her murder in order to step into the Light as the Tigress. It was effective, but many of her teammates hated the deception as they honestly believed she was dead. In the Young Justice: Ghosts In the end, Alpha Team reused this strategy and proved once again how useful it can be.

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The trick was used twice in “Death and Rebirth”, playing a major role in saving the planet from the Zods. The first case involved Nightwing, who appeared dead in the previous episode. Lor-Zod had beaten Dick to ensure that his parents would be freed and could conquer Earth. He had crushed Dick into the ice of the Fortress of Solitude and apparently crushed him.

However, Dick had used a hidden blade to cut off his head (perhaps he is a professional wrestling fan). He also stopped his heartbeat by slowing it down, successfully tricking Lor’s super-hearing. He had learned the latter from Batman, who did the same in Frank Miller’s classic Return of the Dark Knight. In this case, Bruce used a pill to trick Superman into thinking his heart had stopped, but Dick did it naturally in the episode.

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When Nightwing fled to find the Bioship destroyed and all of his colleagues in the snow, it was the second time Alpha Team had used the idea of ​​fake death. Miss Martin had created a mental illusion, which she dropped when she saw Nightwing. She confessed that Saturn Girl psychically detected that Ursa was going to attack with her new Emerald Empress powers, so she and Phantom Girl shielded them with this facade.

Their apparent death gave everyone time to recuperate as the heroes gambled on the Zods’ propensity for leaving bodies, assuming their opponents were dead rather than finish the job. This critical oversight made it easy for Alpha Team to use this sleight of hand to regroup and ultimately stop the bad guys in Metropolis. Whereas young justice is now in its fourth season, this plot point was an indication that some older strategies are just as good as the new ones.

All 26 episodes of Young Justice: Phantoms, plus the previous three seasons of Young Justice, are available on HBO Max.

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