One year after launch, Invictus Capital’s Bitcoin Alpha is reaping benefits

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Among Invictus Capital’s many token investment funds linked to the world’s premier cryptocurrency, there is one that may appeal to Bitcoiners the most, as it has been shown to maximize the potential for serious earnings with a foolproof security guarantee: the Invictus Bitcoin Alpha Fund (IBA).

Since Invictus Capital first launched the IBA fund in August 2020, the fund has offered investors access to a financial product closely tied to the long-term successes of bitcoin, while simultaneously providing some form of protection against consumer withdrawals that the wild and chaotic crypto industry is rarely able to offer. The IBA fund is fairly straightforward in its strategy: almost 99% is made up of direct bitcoin exposure, the rest being around 1.5% in options value. The IBA fund aims to track the price of bitcoin within a predefined range during a specific calendar month. The drawdown on your investment is limited to the -10% zone over the month by purchasing put options. The cost of these put options is subsidized by writing call options at around 30% above the spot price at the start of the month. This effectively means that investors will be exposed to price gains of up to 30% per month, while being protected from any significant market downturn that may arise, thus preserving capital when the market decides to backfire on you. This high-level strategy is used in combination with a number of other proprietary return-generating tactics to provide investors with enhanced returns.

According to Invictus’ second quarterly report for fiscal 2021, this strategy has worked wonderfully, as the fund reached its first anniversary. At the start of August 2021, the fund had appreciated by 128.09%. Above all, Bitcoin Alpha aims to provide investors with exposure to the long-term price appreciation of bitcoin, while significantly reducing short-term risk. As the world’s leading cryptocurrency has been quite volatile during the year 2021, investors have not failed to invest in bitcoin as a means of accumulating wealth quickly. With Bitcoin Alpha, Invictus Capital offers a safe and profitable option for the most knowledgeable and serious long-term investor.

After the first anniversary of the Bitcoin Alpha Fund’s launch in August 2020, Invictus Capital has clearly been successful in offering the type of investment product that combines expertise with a lucrative opportunity. For those who have created a verified account on the easily accessible Invictus Investor Portal, a wide variety of traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies can be used so that the curious can get a taste of this new financial product. An added bonus to Bitcoin Alpha’s “necklace” strategy is that there are no fees associated with the day-to-day management of this fund. Combining institutional wisdom with the benefits of BTC, Invictus Capital’s Bitcoin Alpha Fund has helped more than a few investors in its first year.

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