Marvel’s Heroes Reborn turns Alpha Flight Hero Sasquatch into a REAL monster

In Weapon X and Final Flight, the world without the Avengers of Heroes Reborn plays a major role in turning an Alpha Flight member into a true monster.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Heroes Reborn: Weapon X & Final Flight # 1 by Ed Brisson, Roland Boschi, Chris O’Halloran and Cory Petit of VC, on sale now.

Heroes are reborn transformed the Marvel Universe that fans know and love into a much darker version of itself, all while simply removing the Avengers from the timeline. In this reality, it was the Squadron Supreme who took on the role of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, though far from what it entails. In fact, they’ve turned out to be one of the most ruthless teams the world has ever known, and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. In Weapon X and last flight, what they want is Logan, and he’s just been sold by a member of his own team.

It has been years since Alpha Flight and the Supreme Squadron faced each other for the last time, and neither of them has forgotten that day. After the squadron invaded Canada, Alpha Flight chose to take his last stand against the invading heroes to miraculously win the fight when Logan’s enchanted claws brought down the mighty Hyperion. Since then, the Supreme Squadron and its army have hunted down Alpha Flight and all who support them, executing the allies of those who dare oppose them. The weight of that burden, not to mention all the pain and suffering his team went through, pushed Walter Langkowski, aka Sasquatch, to its breaking point. After a fight with Logan leads him to walk away from the team, Walter later returns with vital information, giving his team the opportunity to save prisoners who must be executed. Walter’s information leads the team to a prison transport the next morning … and into a trap set by the Supreme Squadron.

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Before Shaman can enchant Logan’s Blades again to give them all a fighting chance, he is dismissed by Sasquatch. Walter keeps Shaman on the ground so he can’t interfere and begs the others to stop fighting. Alpha Flight is then left to watch, helplessly, Hyperion beat Logan into the ground before unleashing the full power of his heat vision on the hero, leaving only charred remains for Doctor Spectrum. While Hyperion’s thirst for revenge is yet to be sated, Nighthawk ensures that no further harm is done to the remaining members of Alpha Flight or to the prisoners whose freedom has just been purchased.

Walter Langkowski has always been one of the most dedicated members of Alpha Flight, even forming his own version of the team to save the original after being kidnapped by an alien race known as Plodex. This new Alpha Flight which started to meet in the years 2004 Alpha Flight #Scott Lobdell and Clayton Henry’s 1 wasn’t the only time Sasquatch took it upon himself to single-handedly lead the charge to save his allies, but never before had he done so by leading his team into a death trap. Leaving Logan aside as well as preventing the rest of Alpha Flight from fighting is clearly something that weighs heavily on Walter, but no guilt or self-loathing can make up for what he’s done. Although he denies having ended the war between the Supreme Squadron and Canada, the others stress that the decision was not his alone.

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As one of the most empathetic and sympathetic figures in the Marvel Universe, seeing Sasquatch take it upon himself to sign Logan’s death warrant, even in exchange for freedom, is a tough pill to swallow. No matter what the squadron got him, nothing can stop Walter from letting his friends get beaten up alongside Logan while watching the scene unfold.

When Aurora, the woman he loves, calls him a monster, Sasquatch can only reluctantly agree with her. Fortunately, the world of Heroes are reborn seems to be coming to an end, offering the members of Alpha Flight the chance to return to a less terrifying reality.

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