Jazz increases network capacity with cutting-edge 800G backhaul technology

Jazz, Pakistan’s first 4G operator and largest internet and broadband service provider, has deployed Pakistan’s first 800G backhaul technology on its network, improving the existing user experience for data services. Currently, the 800G Transport Lambda carries live customer traffic in the Karachi metropolitan area with plans underway for further expansions.

With a backbone capacity of 3.7 Tbps, 800G Transport Lambda will benefit customers by increasing data transport capacity, resulting in an improved user experience for data services. In a single second, customers will be able to stream 360,000 HD videos compared to 180,000 on the 400G network and download 140,000 songs compared to 70,000 at the same time, among other features. 800G is 8 times the capacity of traditional 100G technology network and can support up to 1 million concurrent 4K users.

Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technology Officer at Jazz, said:

“There is an increase in high-bandwidth applications, and to meet the growing data demands of our subscribers, we have upgraded our systems by deploying the nation’s first 800G Transport Lambda. Our top priority remains to ensure an optimal customer experience.

800G Transport Lambda further reaffirms Jazz’s commitment to providing the latest and most advanced technology to its customers. In an industry first, Jazz also commercially launched Massive MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) technology last year, enhancing network capabilities, benefiting customers through increased network coverage as well as higher data speeds and better user experience.

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