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It is the season of violent cold fronts and surprise rainstorms; and after experiencing Texas last winter with snow and ice, no one wants to relive a cold, drafty house.

The Kerrville Public Utility Board and the Alamo Area Council of Governments have partnered with the Dietert Center to provide information on home weathering to the public.

One of these sessions was held at the Dietert Center on December 9. Representatives from KPUB and AACOG attended these events to promote energy efficiency, home energy saving tips and funding available through AACOG’s “Bloat Assistance Program”. .

The AACOG program is designed to help low-income people, especially the elderly and disabled, overcome the high cost of energy by installing measured energy savings at no cost to the applicant.

Those who can apply for this help are homeowners, tenants, single-family homes, mobile homes, and multi-family homes.

While KPUB is one of the partners in this program, Allison Bueche said the application process is starting and will be approved by the AACOG offices in San Antonio.

The steps include filling out and sending a request. The applicant receives a letter if the AACOG needs more information or when it has been approved.

An auditor contacts the applicant to set up an appointment; and complete reports to list the jobs required.

A contractor will be hired to do the work; and the work will be inspected by a certified inspector when completed.

Possible measures may include weatherstripping, energy efficient light bulbs, caulking, duct sealing, attic / wall / floor insulation, furnace cleaning and / or tune-up and pipe insulation.

AACOG’s weatherization program saves money over the life of the home, reducing energy bills; and is 100 percent free for those who qualify by income.

The program can be offered to tenants and owners.

The AACOG WAP program does not deal with major home repairs. The house must be structurally sound and have a good roof. Help cannot be provided if the house needs major repairs such as roofing, house leveling, plumbing or electrical.

This can help reduce the amount of energy used in a home with weather protection upgrades.

The less energy it takes to heat or cool the home, the more money you save on utility bills.

Examples of some of the energy efficient weatherization improvements can include insulation of the attic, walls and / or floor; installation of new gas water heaters, space heaters, air conditioning or window air conditioning units; replacement or repair of broken windows; and weatherstripping and caulking for air leakage control.

“Making small improvements to energy savings can have a big impact on lowering utility bills if a home is not energy efficient,” said Mike Wittler, Managing Director and CEO of KPUB. “Statistically, low-income households struggle with high energy costs. Weatherization programs like the one at AACOG can be done 100% free of charge for the customer if they meet the income requirements and the house is structurally sound.

If you have any questions, contact KPUB in Kerrville at (830) 792-8250.

KPUB’s energy saving tips are available online at www.kpub.com.

Bueche said KPUB has approximately 24,000 customers and that its “territory” is bordered by that of Central Texas Electric and Bandera Electric.

AACOG’s WAP program information is available online at aacog.com/120/Weatherization-Assistance-Program.

The AACOG office is located at 2700 NE Loop 410, Ste. 101, San Antonio, TX 78217. The office phone is (210) 362-5282. Contact them online at wap.aacog.com.

Application process

There is an app that can be downloaded from the AACOG website.

Proof of gross income of the household applying for the program must include the gross income for the last 30 days from the date the applicant signs the application, including all sources of income.

This income is based on family size, annual income and monthly income; for example, a family of four must have an annual income not exceeding $ 53,000; and a monthly income of up to $ 4,416.

Proof of US citizenship and identification for each member of the household must include a US passport or birth certificates, and driver’s licenses or Texas ID for anyone 18 years of age or older; and qualified documentation on the status of foreigner.

The completion, date and signing of the Texas Housing & Community Affairs SAVE document is also required.

Copies of your electricity and / or gas bills are also required (and disconnection notes are not accepted).


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