GGRAsia – Macau’s Sole Sports Betting Company Sees Profits Up 32% in 2021

Macau’s only sports betting company sees profits up 32% in 2021

Macau sports betting dealer Macau Slot Co Ltd reported net profit just below MOP 127.8 million ($15.8 million) for the full year 2021, up 31.8% from year over year, the company said in a summary published Wednesday in the city’s official gazette. Gazette.

The company, trading as Macau SLOT, operates instant lotteries and betting on football and basketball matches, on a non-exclusive basis, until June 5, 2024.

The increase in profits in 2021 was supported by a 15.6% growth in gross sports betting revenue last year. The annual total of these revenues was MOP 629 million, compared to MOP 544 million in 2020.

Macau Slot’s two main betting categories – football and basketball – generated MOP 415 million and MOP 214 million respectively in calendar year 2021. In 2020, the counts were respectively 401 million MOP and 143 million MOP.

In the summary, Macau SLOT said it continues to promote “gambling as a form of entertainment, which has been well received” by its customers. The company said the popularity of its offerings has “increased through the combined efforts of all its employees.”

Macau SLOT further stated that it is “committed to improving and pursuing more diverse sports betting products to meet customer expectations”.

He added, “We continue to strengthen our technology and sports information facilities to provide more comprehensive sports betting services.”

Gross revenue generated from instant lotteries and sports betting has, for years, occupied only a fraction of Macau’s overall gambling revenue. No casino in Macau operates sportsbooks in its gambling halls.

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