Free Download of the Day: Alpha Backup Pro for Android

Looking for a backup app without ads or in-app purchases? Then you need to quickly download “Alpha Backup Pro”. The app is currently available for free in Googles Play Store. NextPit summarizes the most important features and shows you how to download the premium app.

  • Alpha Backup Pro only available for free today.
  • Easy-to-use backups for apps, settings, contacts, and more.
  • Regular price: $ 5.99.

At NextPit, we regularly recommend that you back up the most important data on your phone. In an emergency, this is the only way to recover contacts, settings and apps. While there are plenty of free backup apps in the Google Play Store, you should consider downloading “Alpha Backup Pro” on June 15th.

The Android app normally costs $ 5.99, but currently you can install it for free. This way you get rid of annoying in-app ads and promotions. The backup app garnered 4.5 stars with over 9,000 reviews on the Google Play Store. However, your phone must be rooted to back up certain types of data.

These files can be backed up without rooting your phone

If you only need to backup apps, app data, contacts, short messages and your call history, Alpha Backup Pro can be used without root access on your smartphone. If you need to backup your system settings as well, then rooting your Android device is a must. In both cases, you have the option of saving your backups locally or uploading them to your cloud-drive.

Alpha Backup Pro comes in an elegant and functional design! / © NextPit

The developer has also included tools to clean up your phone’s storage and easy access to a simple command line. A feature to uninstall updates is also interesting. In summary, Alpha Backup Pro is an interesting application that you should definitely try for free. Not satisfied yet? Then wait for our article on other free applications which will be published later today!

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