Fractured rebalanced weapons and armor in preparation for the Fall Alpha

Dynamight Studios wants players to know they are listening and that they have heeded their words in previous testing, as they prepare for the Fall Alpha of fracture which is scheduled for late September. The blog post also includes a 17-minute video description of the changes related to the weapon and armor rebalance.

Dynamight Studios SRL CEO Jacopo Gallelli took to YouTube to explain what has changed since the Spring Alpha release. So many advancements and changes have taken place that Jacopo said there will be a total of 4 videos explaining all the new features. While this first video specifically details the gear rebalance that aims to boost weapons and armor, the remaining videos will feature details related to Attribute Rework, Market, new PvP rule sets, World Events, lockpicking, letterbox use and much more. .

fracture Currently going through its Alpha testing phases, with release slated for Windows, MacOS and Linux. fracture is still in its Alpha 2 testing phase, with plans to migrate to a Beta 1 and Beta 2 phase before launch. If you want to participate in the next Alpha phase scheduled for the end of September, you can purchase access from fracture shop. Currently Alpha Access starts at around US $ 60.00, or € 45.00 EU. The game plans to release a Buy to Play monetization model with an optional VIP purchase pass. Lifetime VIP membership founders packs are also available for € 270.00.

In July, we announced that the Fall Alpha will feature the largest PvE expansion Dynamight Studios has produced to date. Despite ongoing testing and substantial progress made in each phase of development, an exact release date was revealed at this time.

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