Energy Crisis: Three Winter Wishes to Keep Us All Connected

Interruptions in electricity supply during the winter peak are threatened but not inevitable according to reports from two state bodies. If wind farm output improves after the recent lull, if two currently disused gas-fired power plants are restored and Britain has a reserve of energy to export on the interconnectors, all will be well. The policy of the government is to hope, with fervor, a tripling of these happy outcomes.

power interruptions for large individual users, not to mention blackout alerts, are not meant to occur in a well-planned and well-managed power system and have been so rare that the reliability of power supplies has been a problem. business card for IDA throughout the years. Emergency generators transported in the short term are not quite the desired image.

EirGrid, the crown corporation that manages the Republic’s national high-voltage grid, and its Northern Ireland counterpart SONI publish an annual power system adequacy report called the Generation Capacity Statement (GCS ). The two networks are interconnected and operated jointly. This year’s version is 96 pages long, and the list of problems and threats to the power supply will be familiar to readers of previous editions.

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