Ember’s Adrift Talks Quality of Life Improvements, Sets Up Final Alpha Stage

Ember’s drift, which you will recall is the new name of the previous one Lucimia saga, recently visited their forums to talk about the upcoming changes alpha players will see the next time they enter the world. Additionally, the Stormhaven team is setting the stage for what they are calling their final alpha stage, stating that alpha packages will be on sale here again soon.

For those who can’t wait to see this Ember’s drift is everything, especially now with the pivot of the Lucimia saga world, it looks like the team is reopening the store this month to inject new perspectives into testing. While Stormhaven has gathered information and feedback from long-time testers, the Final Alpha Phase, as it’s called, will allow new players to test the “first game”.

John Gust of Stormhaven, executive producer of Ember’s drift, says interested parties should keep an eye on the forums themselves, as well as the MMO’s Discord channel for updates on this front.

As for what returning alpha players might expect to see differently, Gust went into a bit of detail about the quality of life improvements to Ember, in particular user interface adjustments to help “players navigate the game more easily”. This includes nameplates to help you see how many targets you have selected, as well as the addition of challenge odds in those nameplates to help identify if something is simply out of your league.

“We made a number of improvements to the game’s quality of life in September that will help players navigate the game more easily. The indicators to help you see which offensive and defensive targets you have currently selected are now much easier to navigate. identify in the world space by looking at the nameplates. We also added challenge ratings to the nameplates in the form of chevrons and their colors. More chevrons = a higher level crowd requiring a larger group and a color = how high the crowd is above or below your level. Don’t even think about attacking a red crowd – if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you! space that makes the cat in the game quite fun, especially when you sit around a ring of coals with your group. Take a look at the screenshots for examples of some of the elements. ment above. “

You can check out the full post on the Ember’s drift forums. If you remember, earlier this year Lucimia saga Creator and one of the founders of Stormhaven Studios Tim Anderson announced that he and his brother who also worked on the MMO were no longer affiliated with the MMO itself. While no real reason has been given as to why the split occurred, the original concept for the MMO set out in Anderson’s Lucimia the universe has been changed to Ember’s drift, with the studio talking about exactly what the rebranding means for the MMO. Ember’s drift is currently aiming for a mid-2022 release window, with pre-orders opening soon.

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