“Either we are not doing something right or Alpha Tauri is doing something very well” – Max Verstappen becomes brutally critical with his team after the Red Bull ace fails to take pole in qualifying at Turkish GP

“Either we are not doing something right or Alpha Tauri is doing something very well” – Max Verstappen becomes brutally honest with Red Bull.

Red Bull’s weekend in Turkey is not even close to ideal as they are lagging behind Mercedes in all areas of the track. And the result of the Silver Arrows’ superiority is evident with Saturday’s qualifying results.

Max Verstappen finished P3 (now P2) and Sergio Perez P7 (now P6) in qualifying, while Lewis Hamilton finished on pole, but was later demoted to P11 due to the grid penalty. Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas was promoted to pole after a superb P2 result.

Meanwhile, Red Bull’s sister team Alpha Tauri, running on lower specs, got the P5s and P10s after all considerations. So Verstappen is far from happy and has questioned his team about the performance, especially after being upset by the closeness of Alpha Tauri.

“It was a little better, but of course still not good enough, even if you look at the gaps behind us and how well Alpha Tauri is behind us. Either we’re not doing something right or AlphaTauri is doing something right. very good ”, he shouts in front of the Ziggo Sport camera.

A wide range of Max Verstappen claims

Despite being promoted to P2, Verstappen feels at a disadvantage for Sunday’s race, and the rain during the race can make things more difficult.

“There is very little grip here on the inside and that will also be the case if it rains tomorrow. The start will be tomorrow I think The hardest. The hardest part, but also the most important, right? “It’s true, but I can’t change that of course. “

However, Verstappen sees little hope for the race after assessing his car’s lag behind Mercedes during qualifying, and that will be reflected in the race until something unusual happens.

“If you are so far in qualifying, you shouldn’t expect miracles in the race. But you never know what can happen. Just look at Sochi. We’ll see!”

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