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Alpha Magazines CEO and Editor is using his self-help book ’13 Letters To My Children ‘as a platform for prisoners in Florida. Ideally, he hopes to help fathers absent from their children’s lives. Luciano Layne takes a serious interest in empowering “all humans”, as his magazine proclaims. This is the author’s second private book, and it’s no stranger to empowering a specific group of readers. ‘SAMARYA’ is Layne’s first book that encourages biracial children who feel like they don’t fit in to see the beauty of their differences. Now focusing on fathers, Layne’s latest book encourages difficult discussions between fathers and their children.

’13 Letters To My Children ‘takes life lessons that Layne has lived personally or learned on his own. Lessons in this book include: communication, dealing with difficult situations, managing relationships, risk taking, priorities and fear, to name a few. Written from a father’s perspective, the book aims to help his children and others navigate life. The CEO of Alpha Magazines has an initiative to help fathers absent from their children’s lives and become an advocate for fathers who are forced not to see their children due to co-parenting circumstances. In the hope of guiding men with children who have not had serious conversations about life; Layne has exercised his initiative by partnering with officials from Florida prisons to give prisoners free copies of his book.

Inspired by his own experience managing a co-parenting relationship, the author plans to donate books to men across the country and help be a guiding voice, as well as an example to men around the world. . Layne says, “As men we need to come together and support each other by sharing experiences and lessons. We should also be sharing this with our children, but it starts with parents first. ”

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Alpha Magazines started out as a men’s quarterly. Imagined in 201 by the founder and editor-in-chief, Luciano Layne. Layne’s dream came true in 2019 and has continued to shape itself as the post people see today. No longer an exclusively male magazine, Alpha high-end, artistic and editorial photography of impeccable quality. In Alpha, you’ll discover a sophisticated look with a modern layout and content focused on reader empowerment.

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