Edgybees satellite software brings unprecedented accuracy to satellite imagery

Next-generation geolocation software offers applications across industries, aligning satellite imagery to ground truth with two to three meter accuracy

GAITHERSBURG, Md., April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Edgybees, the world leader in geolocation software, today announces the release of its satellite software to improve the accuracy of satellite images. Edgybees satellite software aligns electro-optical satellite images to ground truth, with an accuracy of two to three meters, in less than 15 seconds. The software dramatically closes the gaps and provides clear, concise context to satellite imagery consumers across all industries.

Since its creation in 2017, Edgybees has been helping first responders and the military with the geolocation of moving video feeds via drones. Recognizing that satellite technology is an invaluable resource across all industries, Edgybees combines artificial intelligence and geo-registration technology to create a solution that aligns satellite imagery with ground reality, enabling improved and accurate decision making. in an infinite number of use cases.

“As the commercial market for satellite imagery continues to bloomwe are excited to provide industry players with software that enables them to realize the true potential of this valuable production,” said Adam Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of Edgybees. “The accuracy of satellite imagery is essential for professionals who use these assets in the defense, public safety, insurance and earth image analysis industries. We are excited to provide the software that ensures these professionals access to the most precise and reliable images on the market.

Until now, the ground accuracy of satellite images has been limited, with the true location of objects being off by 10 to 200 meters. Edgybees Satellite software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to detect tie points – objects or features in images – and aligns hundreds of them in seconds to establish an optimal alignment. The software ensures that all data is precisely aligned and localized early in the process, without the need for manual corrections. Satellite image geotagging supports use cases such as object detection, change detection, and sensor fusion, where multiple image sources need to be aligned with each other and their position in the real world.

“Consumers of satellite imagery, including first responders, the Department of Defense and the intelligence community, all rely on multiple data sources – sensor data, maps, video feeds and satellites – to monitor the assets, climate change and world events”, mentioned Craig Brower, president of Edgybees Inc., the corporate unit responsible for supporting the US government. “Starting with precisely placed images, Edgybees empowers satellite capabilities and fundamentally improves the execution and results of analysis processes, the implications of which are far-reaching and game-changing.”

Edgybees satellite software includes an API for integration into existing analytical processes and workflows. The software offers flexible deployment and data can be delivered on-premises or to the cloud in a SaaS model. The result is instant clarity, even in the most complex or opaque operating environments.

The launch of Edgybees satellite software coincides with the USGIF GEOINT Symposium 2022where Edgybees will be exhibiting in the Aurora Showroom at Booth #1303 and showcasing a lightning talk on Monday April 25and to 1:00 p.m. on the theme of The democratization of geolocation: making AI better, faster and more accurate.

About Edgybees

Edgybees creates a safer world by instantly transforming spatial content into actionable and trusted information. Edgybees software leverages advanced computer vision and machine learning technologies to accurately align aerial video and satellite images to real-time reference images. This unique approach allows for quick decision making by visually augmenting roads, key landmarks and other critical data. Edgybees software is crucial for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that require accurate data to maximize the efficiency and power of algorithms. The software can be integrated with existing systems, used in geospatial analysis tools and is compatible with on-demand cloud computing services. Edgybees instantly clarifies complex operational environments, enabling defense, public safety and critical infrastructure teams to quickly and safely accomplish critical missions that save lives. For more information, visit https://edgybees.com/.

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