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Amazon Games has partnered with to distribute the keys to the technical alpha of its upcoming MMOARPG, Lost ark, which is coming out (finally!) in the West this fall. The Technical Alpha runs from now through June 16, 2021 at noon PDT.

Keys remaining

About Lost ark:

Lost ark, a 3D massively multiplayer online action role-playing game offers an immersive action-centric playstyle and adopts a non-targeting combat system and dynamic angle of view to maximize the gaming experience.

Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast and vibrant world: explore new lands, search for lost treasures and test yourself in thrilling action battles. Define your fighting style with your class and advanced class, and customize your skills, weapons, and gear to put your might to work as you battle hordes of enemies, colossal bosses and dark forces in search of power. power of the Ark in this action. Packaged free-to-play RPG.

The whole world is in chaos due to the onslaught of Kazeros’ demon army, as Kazeros opens the door of chaos with his six legions to invade the human world. Like a legend that exists in myths, the world has become a place where there are no heroes and everyone has forgotten the Ark which defeated demons in the past. Now the player must venture into the vast world of the Lost Ark to piece together the pieces and face off against the demon army. The only force that can stand against demons! The lost ark.

Previously only available in open beta for Korea, Japan and Russia; it was announced at the kickoff of the Summer Game Fest 2021 that Amazon Games will be releasing Lost ark in the West. Lost ark is currently scheduled for fall 2021.

Technical alpha keys limited to EU / NA residents only.

In a positive momentum from PSPC, IPOs also returned Fri, 11 Jun 2021 11:45:23 +0000

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The history of PSPC is improving. We seem to have gone through the descent of Peak-SPAC and are now in a healthier, more rational market. Activity normalized and performance returned for good business.

Yesterday we mentioned that PSPCs had emerged around De-SPAC agreement / date votes. Keep an eye out for today’s vote, although CCTA is trading well above NAV …

– $ 18.73 | ACTC – ArcLight Clean Transition Corp -> Proterra Inc

Also, those old PSPCs will start trading under their new tickers today – will they have a pop?

independent semiconductor (INDI), Thunderbridge f / k / a acquisition
Quantum-Si (QSI), f / k / a HighCape Capital Acquisition

Yucaipa & SIGNA Sports Companies

IPOs are also back!

After a few weeks of missing the new prices, IPOs are back this week – with 8 (so far) in the market. Three new ones are set to debut in trading today.

SPAC’s IPOs in June:

June 10 | NA | HCNE – Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Company
June 10 | NA | LAAA – Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp.
June 10 | NA | LITT – Logistics Innovation Technologies Corp.
June 09 | $ 9.95 | ISAA – Iron Spark I Inc.
June 09 | $ 9.90 | CLBR – Colombier Acquisition Corp.
June 09 | $ 9.95 | SMIH – Summit Healthcare Acquisition Corp.
June 08 | $ 9.96 | GACQ – Global Consumer Acquisition Corp.
June 07 | $ 10.03 | SPK – SPK Acquisition Corp.

Although downsizing (and coverage of restructuring mandates) has recently been the norm, Barry Sternlicht’s project JAWS Hurricane (HCNE) in fact managed to increase their bid to $ 275 million from $ 250 million. It comes a week after JWS 1 finalized its deal with Cano Health – not surprisingly for the JAWS team to launch their next SPAC.

Yesterday’s price action

The biggest winners

14.16% ~ $ 11.61 | CCX – Churchill Capital Corp II (Announced)
9.64% ~ $ 11.15 | VGAC – VG Acquisition Corp (Announced)
7.96% ~ $ 13.15 | SRAC – Stable Road Acquisition Corp. (Ad)
7.58% ~ $ 13.76 | CLII – Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition Corp (Announced)
7.49% ~ $ 10.62 | MAQC – Maquia Capital Acquisition Corporation (Pre-Deal)
6.56% ~ $ 14.29 | LACQ – Leisure Acquisition Corp. (Ad)
4.73% ~ $ 19.26 | RSVA – Rodgers Silicon Valley Acquisition Corp (Announced)
4.49% ~ $ 11.16 | ARYA – Arya Sciences Acquisition Corp III (Announced)
2.94% ~ $ 10.50 | AIAC – ION Acquisition Corp 1 Ltd (Announced)
2.76% ~ $ 11.54 | PDAC – Peridot Acquisition Corp (Announced)
2.37% ~ $ 9.93 | RXRA – RXR Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
2.29% ~ $ 10.50 | ARYD – ARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp IV (Pre-Deal)
1.95% ~ $ 9.95 | TETC – Tech and Energy Transition Corporation (Pre-Deal)
1.94% ~ $ 13.64 | PSAC – Property Solutions Acquisition Corp (Announced)
1.88% ~ $ 11.36 | FWAA – Fifth Wall Acquisition Corp. I (Announced)
1.85% ~ $ 10.99 | DCRC – Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III (Pre-Deal)

The biggest losers

-4.23% ~ $ 10.87 | HOL – Holicity Inc (Announced)
-4.19% ~ $ 25.38 | CCIV – Churchill Capital Corp IV (Announced)
-4.11% ~ $ 12.61 | TDAC – Trident Acquisitions Corp (Announced)
-3.31% ~ $ 16.36 | RICE – Rice Acquisition Corp. (Ad)
-3.24% ~ $ 12.83 | TPGY – TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp (Announced)
-3.02% ~ $ 9.69 | MPAC – Model Performance Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
-2.83% ~ $ 10.00 | EBAC – European Biotech Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-2.46% ~ $ 13.11 | THCB – Tuscan Holdings Corp. (Ad)
-2.01% ~ $ 9.74 | PFDR – Pathfinder Acquisition Corporation (Pre-Deal)
-1.95% ~ $ 15.56 | GHVI – Gores Holdings VI Inc (Announced)
-1.78% ~ $ 9.74 | XPDI – Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-1.69% ~ $ 9.87 | BOAC – Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
-1.52% ~ $ 9.75 | LDHA – LDH Growth Corp I (Pre-Deal)
-1.41% ~ $ 9.76 | THMA – Thimble Point Acquisition Corp. (Pre-agreement)
-1.20% ~ $ 9.88 | CFFE – CF Acquisition Corp. VIII (Before the agreement)
-1.16% ~ $ 11.96 | BOWX – BowX Acquisition Corp (Announced)
-1.11% ~ $ 9.77 | APSG – Apollo Strategic Growth Capital (Pre-Deal)

Aging PSPCs

$ 10.69 | 25 months | AGBA – AGBA LIMITED ACQUISITION
$ 10.05 | 23 months | THCA – Tuscan Holdings Corp. II
$ 9.96 | 19 months | MCMJ – Merida Fusion Corp. I
$ 9.99 | 19 months | CHPM – CHP Fusion Corp.
$ 9.95 | 16 months | CASC – CITIC Capital Acquisition Corp
$ 10.14 | 15 months | DFPH – DFP SANTÉ ACQ
$ 9.71 | 15 months | PLMI – Plum Acquisition Corp. I
$ 9.93 | 12 months | TREB – Trebia Acquisition Corp
$ 9.99 | 12 months | BRLI – Brilliant Acquisition Corporation
$ 10.35 | 12 months | GSAH – GS Acquisition Holdings Corp II
$ 9.82 | 11 months | CPSR – Capstar Special Purpose Acquisition Corp.
$ 9.79 | 11 months | HPX – HPX Corp
$ 9.80 | 11 months | ERES – East Resources Acquisition Company
$ 10.13 | 11 months | GRCY – Greencity Acquisition Corp
$ 9.87 | 11 months | PRPB – CC NEUBERGER PR
$ 9.79 | 11 months | ETAC – E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corp.
$ 9.84 | 10 months | YAC – Yucaipa Acquisition Company

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  • Less angst in SPAC Land + Wallbox in $ 1.5 billion SPAC contract
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  • VPC impact decreases on Dave deal, more PSPC votes to come
  • A big week for the PSPCs. Will the story continue to improve?
  • Ackman rewrites SPAC’s ‘merger’, de-SPACs heat up
  • 2 PSPCs vote tomorrow amid June merger frenzy
  • Is PSPC’s narrative changing with the success of De-SPAC and Chamath’s new PSPCs?
  • Hot Start for SoFi, while MUDS takes a hit on AMC and Candy Digital News
  • SPAC activity resumes on Memorial Day, remains sharply reduced
  • IPOE adopts vote as Chamath Pens editorial, PACX rises on Acorns deal
  • Chamath IPOE shareholders vote today on the SoFi merger; Tassels and eFFECTOR offers
  • SPAC IPOs Mixed, DCRN Deal Rises Slightly, IPOE / SoFi Coming

(Caveats: This is not investment advice. The author can go on and on about one or more of the actions mentioned in this report.)

Alpha Commandos 2-Pack pre-orders are online Thu, 10 Jun 2021 16:59:00 +0000

Hasbro has opened pre-orders for a new action figure in its GI Joe Classified line, and it’s none other than Snake Eyes! Best of all, he’s joined by his companion wolf Timber in a 2-pack Alpha Commandos. You can get your pre-order here on Entertainment Earth for $ 39.99 with a release date set for July.

Hasbro’s popular Classified Series offers a 21st century upgrade to classic ’80s GI Joe toys. These upgrades include a 6-inch scale, more articulation, and significantly improved details and accessories. In this case, the Snake Eyes and Timber pack includes weapons and an alternate angry head for Timber.


On a related note, Paramount Pictures recently announced a new release date for the upcoming Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins movie, which stars Henry Golding as the title character. The announcement coincided with the debut of the GI Joe Classified Series action figures based on the characters from the film. The collection includes Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Akiko, Scarlett and Baroness. Pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth now with a release date set for August.

GIJ CS Snake Eyes Group

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins stars Henry Golding as Snake Eyes, a tenacious loner who is welcomed into an ancient Japanese clan called the Arashikage after saving the life of their heir apparent. Upon arrival in Japan, the Arashikage teach Snake Eyes the ways of the ninja warrior while providing him with something he longed for: a home. But, when secrets from his past are revealed, Snake Eyes’ honor and allegiance will be put to the test , even if it means losing the trust of those close to them.

Based on the iconic GI Joe character, Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins also stars Andrew Koji in Storm Shadow, Úrsula Corberó in The Baroness, Samara Weaving in Scarlett, Haruka Abe in Akiko, Tahehiro Hira in Kenta and Iko Uwais in Hard Master.

Snake Eyes will arrive in theaters on July 23.

Note: If you purchase any of the awesome and independently chosen products featured here, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.

Winslow Technology Group named Alpha Partner of the Year by Wed, 09 Jun 2021 19:00:00 +0000

WALTHAM, Mass., June 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Winslow Technology Group has been named Arctic Wolf Alpha Partner of the Year 2021. This honor recognizes Winslow Technology Group as Arctic Wolf’s premier distribution partner for its leadership in safety practices, management alignment, revenue growth, one-sided organizational commitment and service excellence.

“Winslow Technology Group is extremely honored to receive the Arctic Wolf Partner of the Year award for the third consecutive year,” said Scott Winslow, President and Founder. “More than ever, our customers are concerned about the security of their data. Arctic Wolf has become a mainstay of our cybersecurity portfolio. The level of customer satisfaction associated with the experience of the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security Team (CST) is incredibly high. When you combine Arctic Wolf’s threat detection capabilities with WTG’s complementary portfolio of security solutions, we have a winning hand! “

The Arctic Wolf Partner of the Year Awards began in 2018 as a way to honor top performing partners for their accomplishments in helping organizations improve their security operations through the use of Arctic Wolf solutions and for their commitment to a shared success thanks to a partnership with Arctic Wolf.

“In a year full of changing business and operational dynamics, the Arctic Wolf partner community seized the opportunity to help our customers transform their security posture by embracing security operations,” said Will Briggs , Vice President of Americas Channels and Program, Arctic Wolf. “Our Partner of the Year awards recognize and celebrate these exceptional efforts, and we congratulate the winners for their significant accomplishments. “

“Our Alpha Partner of the Year award recognizes the exceptional efforts of a leading partner who is essential to the continued growth of our business,” said Bob Skelley, senior vice president, Global Channels, Arctic Wolf. “This year, we are proud to congratulate Winslow Technology Group on this important achievement and to thank them for their continued collaboration with Arctic Wolf.

With proven expertise in the areas of servers, storage, networking, security, virtualization, hyper-convergence, hybrid cloud, endpoints and data protection, Winslow Technology Group offers customized IT solutions, from the workstation to the data center to the cloud. We enable our clients to innovate and transform their businesses, taking full advantage of the benefits of today’s advanced IT technologies.

Additional Resources

About the Winslow Technology Group
Winslow Technology Group, LLC (WTG) is a leading provider of IT solutions and consulting services dedicated to delivering “Best IT Solutions” to our customers since 2003. WTG empowers our customers to innovate and transform their business by leveraging the benefits of hyperconverged software. Hybrid and defined cloud infrastructure frameworks. WTG serves the IT needs of clients ranging from mid-sized organizations to Fortune 100 companies that operate in a variety of industries including finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing, technology, legal, and more. For more information, please visit
Follow Winslow Technology Group: Twitter, LinkedIn

About the arctic wolf
Arctic Wolf® is the market leader in security operations, pioneering the first cloud-native security operations platform to end cyber risk. Leading the industry with threat telemetry from endpoint, network and cloud sources, the Arctic Wolf® platform, backed by the original Concierge Security® team, is the last line of defense for thousands of organizations around the world. The Arctic Wolf platform and Concierge Security experts enable organizations of all sizes to quickly and easily set up world-class security operations that continuously protect against attacks in an efficient and durable manner.

For more information on Arctic Wolf, visit or follow us on @AWNetworks, on LinkedIn or Facebook.

press contact

Lori Wilkins
Winslow Technology Group

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

]]> Amorphous Polyalphaolefin Market Size and Growth 2021-2027 Wed, 09 Jun 2021 05:20:22 +0000

Amorphous Polyalpha-olefins Market is created in this intelligence report. This comprehensive research report is a well-thought compilation of detailed development and growth factors of the market optimizing the path for continued growth in terms of exact product data, strategies and market share of the leading companies in this market. particular. We follow an iterative model of research methodology to formulate the report which helps decision makers make an informed investment assessment. Literature research is conducted using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative market information supported by primary research.

Huge data and knowledge about credible Amorphous Polyalpha-Olefins Market report has been gathered from various reliable sources such as journals, websites, white papers, company annual reports, and mergers. This market research report can be a great solution to help you make better decisions, earn maximum income, and improve your business profits. This market research report offers a systematic idea of ​​the current scenario of the global market. Recent developments, product launches, joint ventures, capacities, production values, mergers and acquisitions have supported various market dynamics. Comprehensive Amorphous Polyalpha Olefin market research report not only offers the chance to outlast the competition, but also outperform the competition.

The research report included the profiles of top sellers of the company’s competitors, their data, revenue, revenue share, business volume and buyer volume. This statistical survey report has also examined the factors influencing key industry players in the adoption of the synthetic sourcing products market. The conclusions contained in this report are of great value to the major players in the industry. This report has mentioned all the organizations involved in the global production of the Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin Market products to study the information relating to low-cost manufacturing methods, competitive conditions, and novel uses. The report is based on monitoring market performance since 2015 and is one of the most detailed reports

The report covers the following key players in the Amorphous Polyalpha Olefin Market:

• Evonik
• Eastman
• REXtac
• Liaoyang Liaohua Qida Chemicals
• Hangzhou Hangao

Amorphous polyalpha-olefins market segmentation:

By Product Type, the market is primarily split into:

• Propylene homopolymer
• Copolymer of propylene and ethylene
• Propylene homopolymer and ethylene copolymer
• Other

By application, this report covers the following segments:

• Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive
• Bitumen modification
• Polymer modification
• Other

Scope of Amorphous Polyalpha Olefin Market Report

Report attribute Details
Market size available for years 2021 – 2027
Reference year considered 2021
Historical data 2015 – 2019
Forecast period 2021 – 2027
Quantitative units Revenue in millions of USD and CAGR from 2021 to 2027
Covered segments Types, applications, end users, etc.
Cover of the report Revenue forecast, company ranking, competitive landscape, growth factors and trends
Regional scope North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa
Scope of customization Free customization of the report (equivalent to 8 working days for analysts) with purchase. Add or change the scope of country, region and segment.
Price and purchase options Take advantage of personalized shopping options to meet your exact research needs. Explore purchasing options

Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin Geographic Market Analysis:

The latest business intelligence report analyzes the Amorphous Polyalpha Olefin market in terms of market scope and customer base in the major geographies of the market. The Amorphous Polyalpha Olefin Market Can Be Geographically Divided Into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. This section of the report provides an accurate assessment of the market presence of Amorphous Polyalphaolefin in major regions. It defines the market share, market size, sales, distribution network and distribution channels for each regional segment.

The Amorphous Polyalpha-Olefins Market report provides information on the following pointers:

  1. Market penetration: Complete information on the product portfolios of the major players in the Amorphous Poly alpha olefin market.
  2. Product Development / Innovation: Detailed information on upcoming technologies, R&D activities and product launches in the market.
  3. Competitive assessment: In-depth assessment of market strategies, geographic and business segments of key market players.
  4. Market development: Comprehensive information on emerging markets. This report analyzes the market for various segments across geographies.
  5. Market diversification: Comprehensive information about new products, untapped geographies, recent developments, and investments in the Amorphous Poly alpha olefin market.

Visualize the Amorphous Polyalphaolefin Market Using Verified Market Intelligence: –

Verified Market Intelligence is our BI platform for narrative storytelling for this market. VMI offers in-depth forecasting trends and accurate insights into over 20,000 emerging and niche markets, helping you make critical revenue-impacting decisions for a bright future.

VMI provides a holistic overview and global competitive landscape with regard to region, country and segment, and key players in your market. Present your market report and findings with a built-in presentation function, saving over 70% of your time and resources for investor arguments, sales and marketing, R&D and product development. VMI enables data delivery in interactive Excel and PDF formats with over 15+ key market indicators for your market.

How Will This Market Intelligence Report Help You?

  1. The report offers statistical data in terms of value (US $) as well as volume (units) through 2027.
  2. An exclusive overview of key trends affecting the Amorphous Polyalpha Olefin industry, although key threats, opportunities, and disruptive technologies may shape the supply and demand of the global Amorphous Polyalpha Olefin market.
  3. The report follows the key market players that will shape and have the greatest impact on the global Amorphous Polyalpha-Olefins market.
  4. The data analysis presented in the Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin report is based on the combination of primary and secondary resources.
  5. The report helps you understand the actual effects of major market drivers or retention agents on Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin business.

Why is the Amorphous Polyalpha-Olefins Market Report beneficial?

  • The Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin report is compiled with in-depth and dynamic research methodology.
  • The report offers a complete picture of the competitive scenario of the Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin market.
  • It includes a large amount of information on the latest technologies and product developments in the amorphous polyalpha-olefin industry.
  • The wide range of assays is associated with the impact of these improvements on the future growth of the Amorphous Polyalphaolefin industry.
  • The Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin report combined the essential historical data and analysis required into the comprehensive research report.
  • The information in the Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin report can be easily understood and contains a graphical representation of the numbers in the form of bar charts, statistics and pie charts etc.

About us: verified market reports

Verified Market Reports is a leading global research and advisory firm serving more than 5,000 clients around the world. We provide advanced analytical research solutions while delivering insightful research studies.

We also provide insight into the analytics and strategic and growth data needed to achieve business goals and critical revenue decisions.

Our 250 analysts and SMEs offer a high level of expertise in data collection and governance using industry techniques to collect and analyze data on more than 25,000 high impact and niche markets. Our analysts are trained to combine modern data collection techniques, superior research methodology, expertise and years of collective experience to produce informative and accurate research.

Our research covers a multitude of industries including energy, technology, manufacturing and construction, chemicals and materials, food and beverage, and more. Having served numerous Fortune 2000 organizations, we bring a rich and reliable experience that covers all kinds of research needs.

Contact us:

Mr. Edwyne Fernandes

United States: +1 (650) -781-480
UK: +44 (753) -715-0008
APAC: +61 (488) -85-9400
US Toll Free: +1 (800) -782-1768


Website: –

Alpha Tau Receives Revolutionary Device Designation From FDA For Alpha DaRT ™ Tue, 08 Jun 2021 16:18:00 +0000

Alpha Tau Medical

JERUSALEM, June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Alpha Tau Medical, the developer of the pioneering alpha radiation cancer therapy Alpha DaRT,MT is pleased to announce that it has received a breakthrough device designation for Alpha DaRT from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This designation applies to the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the skin and oral cavity without a standard of curative care.

“The FDA’s recognition of Alpha DaRT as a breakthrough device is a milestone for the company as we seek to bring our breakthrough technology to patients in need,” said Alpha Tau CEO. Uzi sofer. “This confirms our long-held hopes and expectations for this product and comes at the perfect time to accelerate our rapidly advancing clinical trials program in the United States.”

Alpha Tau Chief Physician Dr. Robert den added, “This achievement is the result of the dedication and hard work of the entire Alpha Tau team. While we are driven by our mission to help every possible patient, it is exciting and rewarding to see external recognition of our vision of clinical excellence. “

Breakthrough Device is a category designed by the FDA to speed up the review process and facilitate the development of clinical trials of devices that treat life-threatening conditions. The designation is awarded when preliminary clinical data for a device suggests that it may be more effective than the current standard of care on clinically significant endpoints of patient efficacy, safety, or quality of life. In addition, to accelerate access to new essential medical technologies, a Medicare coverage path called Medicare Coverage of Innovative Technologies is expected to provide breakthrough devices from the FDA with Medicare coverage for 4 years after the drug has been approved to market. FDA.

Alpha Tau has submitted data to the FDA supporting this designation, including a pilot clinical study of Alpha DaRT treatment for SCC of the skin, head and neck, in which nearly 80% of lesions showed a complete response and 100% demonstrated a complete response, with a moderate safety profile.

In preclinical studies using Alpha DaRT, a response was observed in all solid tumors tested, including pancreatic, lung, breast and prostate tumor cells. These and other cancers will be studied in the Alpha DaRT clinical trials program, which includes a skin cancer feasibility trial currently underway at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in new York and other sites in the United States

About Alpha Tau Medical, Ltd.

Founded in 2016, Alpha Tau Medical Ltd, is an Israeli oncology therapy company focused on the research, development and commercialization of Alpha DaRT ™ technology for the treatment of solid tumors.

Alpha DaRT ™ (Diffusing Alpha-Emitters Radiation Therapy) is an innovative technology that enables the unique highly potent and conformal alpha irradiation of solid tumors. The treatment is administered by intratumoral insertion of Radium-224, which allows the release and diffusion of alpha emitting radioisotopes, releasing alpha particles that can destroy the tumor. Since alpha emitting atoms only diffuse a short distance, Alpha DaRT primarily affects the tumor and may spare the healthy tissue around it.

Amnon Gat
Phone. : +1 833-455-3278
[email protected]

Media package:

SOURCE Alpha Tau Medical

Alpha Trust Mutual Fund and Alternative Investment Fund Management SA: INVITATION TO THE ANNUAL MEETING OF SHAREHOLDERS (correct repetition) Tue, 08 Jun 2021 07:49:31 +0000


UCITS and Alternative Investment Funds Management SA

(GEMI number: 882401000)


of shareholders at an Annual Ordinary General Meeting

I. In accordance with the resolution of the Board of Directors and in accordance with Greek law and the Company’s Articles of Association, the shareholders of ALPHA TRUST Mutual Fund and Alternative Investment Fund Management SA are invited to participate in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders which is held will be held on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. at the Company’s head office at 21, rue Tatoiou in Kifissia, in order to rule on the following agenda:

  1. Presentation and approval of the financial statements for the year 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2020, the management report of the board of directors and the reports of the statutory auditors.
  2. Distribution of Dividend € 0.15 per share (before tax) – Allocation of Profits.
  3. Free distribution of own shares to members of the Board of Directors and to Company staff pursuant to article 114 of law 4548/2018.
  4. Approval of the overall management of the members of the Board of Directors during the financial year 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2020 in accordance with article 108 of law 4548/2018 and exemption of the statutory auditors from any liability for the financial year 01.01.2020 -31.12.2020.
  5. Election of an Auditor and his deputy for the financial year 01.01.2021- 31.12.2021 and setting of their fees.
  6. Appointment of an External Auditor and his deputy to control the management accounts of UCITS managed by the Company for the financial year 01.01.2021 – 31.12.2021 and setting of their fees.
  7. Increase in the number of members of the Board of Directors – Appointment of independent members.
  8. Determination of the members of the Audit Committee in accordance with the provisions of article 44 of Law 4449/2017 in force, determination of the composition, the duration of their mandate.
  9. Merger of the Remuneration Committee and the Appointments Committee into one and appointment of its members in accordance with article 10 paragraph 2 Law 4706/2020.
  10. Approval of the eligibility policy for board members in accordance with the provisions of article 3 of law 4706/2020.
  11. Determination of the remuneration of the members of the Board. Approval of their fees for the previous year and the prior approval of their fees for the next fiscal year.
  12. Granting of authorization and approval to members of the Board of Directors to perform acts in accordance with article 27 of the bylaws and in accordance with article 98 para. 1 of Law 4548/2018.
  13. Miscellaneous announcements

In the event of postponement or cancellation or non-quorum in accordance with the law, for all or part of the items on the agenda, at the meeting of Tuesday, June 29, 2021, the shareholders are invited to a new General Meeting , to be held on Wednesday July 2. 06/06/2021 at 9:30 am at the Company’s headquarters at 21, rue Tatoiou in Kifissia.

It is specified that no new invitation to the renewed General Meeting will be published, in accordance with article 130 para. 2 section c of Law 4548/2018, as it is in force.


All participants in the Ordinary General Assembly of June 29, 2021 or its repeated meeting must have carried out, before their arrival at the meeting place, the COVID-19 test up to 24 hours before. Proof of negative declaration will be requested upon entry.

  1. Subsequently, the Company informs its Shareholders of the following:

. Right to participate and vote at the General Assembly

All shareholders, in person or by proxy, without derogation, may participate and vote at the General Meeting and any renewed General Meeting.

Any person appearing as a shareholder in the register of the Dematerialized Securities System managed by HELLENIC CENTRAL SECURITIES DEPOSITORY SA, in which the Company’s shares are registered or any person identified as such on the basis of the relevant date through registered intermediaries or other intermediaries, in accordance with the legislative provisions (L. 4548/2018, L. 4569/2018, L. 4706/2020 and regulation (ΕU) 2018/1212), as well as the regulations of the Hellenic central securities depository (Official Journal Β ‘1007 / 03.16.2021), has the right to participate in the Ordinary General Meeting of 06.29.2021 and the Repetition of the General Meeting of 07.06.2021. Proof of shareholder status must be made by presenting a relevant written certificate from the central securities depository mentioned above or alternatively, proof of shareholder status can be made through a direct electronic connection of the Company with the records of the dematerialized securities system or by intermediaries in accordance with the above provisions. A shareholder can participate in the General Meeting through the confirmations or notices of articles 5 and 6 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1212, which are provided by the intermediary, unless the General Meeting refuses said participation for a reason valid which justifies this refusal in accordance with the applicable provisions (art. 19 para. 1 L. 4569/2018, art. 124 para. 5 L. 4548/2018).

Shareholder status must be present at the start of the fifth (5th) day before the day of the first meeting of the General Assembly on 06/29/2021, i.e. at the start of 06/24/2021 (registration date) and the corresponding written or electronic confirmation of their status as shareholder must reach the Company no later than the third (3rd) day before the meeting of the General Assembly, i.e. until 26/06/2021, during the days and working hours.

Against the Company, it is considered that anyone who is a shareholder on the respective registration date has the right to participate and vote at the General Meeting.

B. Participation process and proxy voting Shareholder

Shareholders can attend the General Meeting and vote in person or by proxy. Each shareholder can appoint up to three (3) proxies. A proxy holder holding proxies for more than one Shareholder may vote differently for each shareholder.

The proxy votes according to the shareholder’s instructions, if applicable. Failure by the proxy to comply with the instructions received does not affect the validity of the decisions of the General Meeting, even if the proxy vote was decisive in obtaining a majority.

The shareholder’s proxy is required to inform the Company, before the start of the General Meeting, of any particular event that may be useful to shareholders in order to ensure the risk that the proxy may serve other interests. than those of the shareholder. A conflict of

an interest may in particular arise when the agent is: a) a shareholder who exercises control of the Company, or any other legal person or entity controlled by this shareholder, b) a member of the Board of Directors or in general of the management of the Company or a shareholder who exercises control of the Company, or any other legal person or entity controlled by that shareholder, who exercises control of the Company, c) an employee or an approved auditor of the Company or a shareholder who exercises control, or other legal person or entity controlled by a shareholder who exercises control of the Company d) a spouse or a first degree relative with one of the natural persons mentioned in cases a) to c).

The appointment and dismissal or replacement of the proxy or representative takes place in writing or by electronic means which are submitted to the Company at least forty-eight (48) hours before the date set for the General Meeting, until and 06/27/2021 at 9:30 am.

The Company has made available a document appointing a proxy to attend the General Meeting of June 29, 2021 which is available to shareholders in hard copy at the Company’s Investor Relations Department (21, rue Tatoiou, Kifissia, Mme Mary Salamoura, tel. +30 210 6289200) and in electronic form on the Company’s website

Kifissia, June 07e, 2021

Board of directors


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]]> Gamasutra – Press Releases – The Sandbox Reveals New Details on First Public Alpha: The Explorers, Coming This Summer Mon, 07 Jun 2021 13:54:08 +0000

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]
Check out the developer diary:

HONG KONG – June 7, 2021 – The sandbox, the virtual world built on the blockchain, has revealed new information about the game’s highly anticipated public alpha: the explorers. In this developer diary, The Sandbox shared a first look at the game’s main hub; the starting point of your adventure in the Multiverse. A new Marketplace interface allows players to purchase NFT clothing for their avatar and see all the most important information at a glance, including other designs from the creator. With the new Marketplace, you can now directly purchase new LAND, your own customizable virtual property that can range from an art gallery to a tough battle arena.

The Sandbox has updated its Game Maker to include new combat mechanics like parry and charged attack with a new UI to help you fend off enemies. Not to mention quality of life updates with new camera controls and auto climb for a smoother user experience.

Check out the developer diary:

“As we prepare to release the Alpha, we wanted to share some of the work being done by our talented developers. Our goal with The Sandbox has always been to enable players to create personalized experiences while using the unique advantages of NFTs to distribute high quality designs while supporting creators, ”said Marcus Bläsche, Marketing Director of The Sandbox. “We hope our game creator can inspire you to create your own games and artwork, with potential for Play2Earn by sharing your creations in the marketplace.

“As the heart of our community, LAND owners are the primary stakeholders who have contributed to our ecosystem, consistently showing their support and believing in our vision for a decentralized virtual gaming world from day one,” said Sébastien Borget, COO and co-founder. from the sandbox. “We thought it was essential that they be the first to discover what our team of over 100 people have been busy building and experiencing with our Play-to-Earn system. But the Public Alpha isn’t just for our early adopters, and we have a lot to offer all players to enjoy their playing time as well, so join us in the metaverse!

In the alpha event The Explorers, all players will be able to download the game client and access the main hub, where they can visit the NFT Museum, learn about The Sandbox factions, and socialize with other players. The Alpha will contain over 50 exclusive studio-approved experiences, providing hours of challenge and fun. Designed social centers will also be released where players can meet friends, meet new people, and explore the traditions of different factions in the Multiverse.

The sandbox is a unique virtual world where players can create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using NFT. These NFTs come in the form of SAND, ASSET and LAND. SAND is the currency used in The sandbox which can be used to purchase ASSETS. ASSETs are tokens serving as creative elements in The sandbox Game Maker and are used on LAND, the digital real estate of this metaverse. These components of The sandbox working together to enable gamers to create digital assets in the form of NFTs, upload them to the marketplace and embed them in games using #nocode Game Maker.

Find more information on the The sandbox on our Medium page:

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About the sandbox
The sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is one of the decentralized virtual worlds that has fueled recent growth in demand for virtual real estate. The sandbox has partnered with major IPs and brands, including Atari, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Care Bears, The Smurfs, Shaun the Sheep, and Binance, and is expanding their use to support good causes. Rely on the existing The sandbox IP which has more than 40 million global mobile installations, The sandbox NFT Metaverse will provide gamers and creators with a decentralized and intuitive platform to create immersive 3D worlds and gaming experiences and to securely store, trade and monetize creations via the blockchain. For more information, please visit and follow regular updates on Twitter, Way and Discord.

About Animoca brands
Animoca Brands is a leader in digital entertainment, specializing in blockchain, gamification and artificial intelligence technologies to develop and publish a broad portfolio of products, including the REVV Token and SAND token; original games including The sandbox, the crazy kings, and Crazy defense heroes; and products using popular intellectual properties including Formula 1®, Marvel, WWE, Power Rangers, MotoGP ™ and Doraemon. Animoca Brands’ portfolio of blockchain investments and partnerships includes Lucid Sight, Dapper Labs (creators of CryptoKitties and Best shot in the NBA), WAX, Harmony and Decentraland. The subsidiaries include The sandbox, Quidd, Gamee, nWay and Lympo. For more information visit or get updates by following Animoca Brands on Facebook or Twitter.

X-Men hints at Marvel Flight Alpha marriage ending Sun, 06 Jun 2021 20:33:30 +0000

At the X-Men’s Hellfire Gala, Northstar meets several of his former Alpha Flight teammates who have seen their old relationships fall apart.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marauders # 21 by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli, Edgar Delgado, Tom Muller and Cory Petit of VC, on sale now.

The Hellfire Gala has finally arrived to bring together heroes, diplomats, and dignitaries from across the Marvel Universe. And with such a large group of characters descending on Krakoa, there have been more than a few awards encounters and conversations between old friends and teammates.

Catching up with her former Alpha Flight Guardian teammate, Northstar and her husband Kyle find themselves in a particularly embarrassing situation, though they weren’t the only ones who misinterpreted the moment. In fact, it looks like most of the Alpha Flight members in attendance are going through a rough patch, especially since so many relationships on this team haven’t worked out.

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Hellfire Gala Guardian Split

As the festivities continue around them, Jean-Paul Barbier, better known as the frontman of X-Factor Northstar, and her husband Kyle have even had the chance to speak to James Hudson, who frequently leads the Canadian super-team. as a Guardian. The hero expresses how happy he is to see them always together, before noting that the life of a superhero is not easy for weddings. In response, Kyle asks about Heather, who married James and served alongside him as Alpha Flight’s Vindicator. Embarrassing as it may be, Northstar has to point out that Guardian just told them how she’s doing, which strongly implies that he and Heather were no longer together.

Heather Hudson, who first appeared in the 1980s X Men #139 by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, worked with James Hudson as he developed the costume that would eventually grant him his Guardian powers. When James left the company he worked for, disgusted with their intentions to arm his job, Heather followed suit and the two fell in love fairly quickly. When Alpha Flight first disbanded, Heather was the one who picked up the pieces, along with a super-costume, and reformed the group under her own direction. Over the years, she and Guardian have fought and even got it wrong in tense situations, but it seems the years of superheroes and secrets have finally worn the couple down.

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Alpha Flight Guardian Vindicator

However, they aren’t the only Alpha Flight couple going through a rough patch, though their relationship may be even more salvageable than the long-forgotten romance between Wild Child and Aurora.

As the Hellfire Gala continues through the pages of Hellions # 12 by Zeb Wells and Stephen Segovia, Wild Child sees Aurora across the room and her grief is palpable. Shortly after Wild Child began to separate from his animal and violent past, he and Aurora fell in love, but when Wild Child began to revert to his most monstrous form, he left Aurora’s side to the ‘improvist. This abandonment further hurt Aurora’s already deteriorating mental health. When the two met next, they were hardly the same people. Not only that, but Aurora is currently involved with Daken, which itself creates the kind of tension that could easily ruin a party if left unchecked.

As heartbreaking as it may be to hear that Guardian and Vindicator may not be a couple anymore, it’s hardly a surprising development given the complexity of their relationship. The Guardian’s remark that the superhero lifestyle is all about a relationship is obviously true, and that’s before you even consider any secrets, betrayals, and clones or whatever might arise that normal marriages do not happen. ‘simply do not have to deal with. In the case of Aurora and Wild Child, the two have seen each other go through horrific physical and mental changes, not to mention literal deaths and resurrections. It’s hard to think of anything harder to keep together than a superhero relationship, and it’s hard to think of a worse place for these issues than the Hellfire Gala.

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Stargirl: Per Degaton could be behind the disappearance of a Justice Society hero

About the Author

Alpha Impact brings professional trading strategies to everyone Sun, 06 Jun 2021 00:48:41 +0000

After more than a decade of ups and downs, it finally looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay. The value of a bitcoin has reached record highs, and a plethora of alternative cryptocurrencies have arisen in its wake, with the total market value of the crypto increasing to well. over two trillion dollars today.

As crypto becomes more and more mainstream, accepted for transactions by both Paypal and VisaKnowing how to trade cryptocurrency will be an important asset in securing financial futures contracts. However, learning the ins and outs of the crypto world can be a nightmare of missteps and mistakes as new traders navigate a whole new era of finance. Fortunately, it’s here Alpha Impact can help traders save time and money on their path to success.

Gain Knowledge About Crypto Trading By Following Verified Experts

It’s a good idea to learn from someone who already knows a lot about cryptocurrency. However, finding someone to share their time and teach you what to do can be daunting. Alpha Impact, a crypto social trading platform, helps connect newbies with successful crypto traders, so you can learn from their decisions and follow in their footsteps. The platform allows you to copy the moves of seasoned and successful crypto pros in real time, so you can learn from experience. You follow a real-time expert, you execute the same trades as a real-time expert, and you make real trades for real market returns.

Why would successful traders be so willing to share their strategies? The answer is quite simple: when they use certain platforms, traders are rewarded for doing so. Over the past year, a whole new sector of finance known as DeFi, or decentralized finance, has grown in importance beyond the reach of developers and crypto enthusiasts to become a growing industry. booming. $ 100 billion industry.

Some of the most valuable tokens and strategies for building wealth today are associated with DeFi, which means there is more to learn than just buying bitcoin. Fortunately, platforms like Alpha Impact have been developed to help the rest of the world level up.

Alpha Impact simplifies the learning curve to success

The financial opportunities offered by cryptocurrency, DeFi, and blockchain technology are increasing every day, and Alpha Impact provides the tools to help you get on board. After signing up, users can spend as little as $ 25 to observe crypto professionals and their every move in the various crypto markets that exist today.

Alpha Impact has vetted each of these traders, certifying them as true experts. Moreover, the platform tracks transactions and shows them transparently to all users based on ranking. This helps verify success while helping users choose from strategies like high-risk, high-reward, low-risk, stable-reward trading. This means that you can find a strategy that best fits your comfort zone. Even if you already know a thing or two about trading, you can benefit from seeing options, futures, and leveraged trading in action before you try them out for yourself.

A safe way to learn to trade

When it comes to security, Alpha Impact is not a custodian, so no one, not even the platform itself, ever has access to your funds. Your money remains in your exchange account or in your own custody at all times, even while you are making copy transactions. You can choose to give Alpha Impact the right to transact on your behalf, but this only allows an API, or application programming interface, to copy your expert’s movements in the marketplace you have chosen to trade. to follow.

You know you can trust every single trader on Alpha Impact since the platform uses institutional risk management protocols to track every trader’s movement. This ensures that Alpha Impact can validate that each transaction is carried out in sincerity. Plus, when you let your assets follow expert hands, you can exit any position at any time of the day, which is more than what you can tell when dealing with a broker from a company to the market. old in traditional finance.

An expert matching platform developed by experts

Alpha Impact was developed with funding from some of the biggest names in crypto and DeFi: Antler, LuneX Ventures, Genesis Block, SMO Capital and Solidity Ventures. Founded by Austin Chaird (15 years of experience in banking technology) and Hayden Hughes ($ 500 million raised over 19 projects), Alpha Impact’s mission is “to democratize crypto investing by removing barriers between the best traders and those looking to become the best traders and allowing investors of all stripes the same negotiating power whether they have 1 USDT or 1 BTC. The Alpha Impact token will be listed soon and more details will be provided.