Battlefield 2042 community reacts after latest update disables controllers

Battlefield 2042 seems to be having some issues following the inclusion of the recent 4.1 patch when it comes to console players. Since release, the game has run from issue to issue, and DICE has found handling the situation quite difficult. While the developers continued to work to improve the game, the overload of existing issues made it a Herculean task.

While the developers might have hoped the patch would give fans a positive response, unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Fans still don’t seem to like the state the game is in.

The major issue with patch 4.1 is that it removes the 128-player Breakthrough mode. Many fans think DICE didn’t fix the real issues in Battlefield 2042 and instead removed something they loved. Another issue has plagued console players and their controllers, and this one could be a major issue.

Battlefield 2042 community reacts as console player shows its controller has stopped working

The main post from which the above comment originated was posted by Reddit user u/tsar_fys, who provided a clip. In the clip, the player tries to connect their controller to the game. However, the connection does not work. And from the post, the problem seems to show up every time they start and load a new game.

Sentiment against DICE is at an all-time high with the removal of the 128-player Breakthrough mode. Gamers, even those who don’t play on consoles, didn’t appreciate the news. A user wondered if Battlefield 2042 could still be considered a live service game. They state that the updates so far have added very basic stuff and ended up causing more issues.

A PS4 player described a possible fix for something he did when he encountered the same controller issue. They left the game they were playing and joined another lobby which temporarily solved the problem.

A fan has asked the most important question regarding Battlefield 2042: why are people still playing the game?

The number of players has dropped massively over the past few weeks due to the performance of the game.

A fan sarcastically pointed out that DICE might have done this deliberately to prevent players from playing the game. It will give them the perfect excuse to ditch Battlefield 2042.

Some people are still puzzled that part of the fans expect the next Battlefield game to be good even after witnessing what happens with the current one.

There are players who think it’s the worst a video game can have. For this fan, Battlefield 2042 is the worst AAA video game project ever.

It seems that stuttering mic is also a major issue when it comes to consoles; a PS5 user reported the same thing.

DICE claimed to have fixed more bugs with its latest patch, but the reality seems to be quite the opposite. It now remains to be seen when DICE will fix the issues to make the game playable for console gamers. While the controller bug is not a problem that all console users face, it shouldn’t happen in the first place, and such things can only increase the irritation of gamers.

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