An incredibly fast hybrid that can run without gasoline

Although significantly heavier than the F8 Tributo, the SF90 more than makes up for the difference with the power-to-weight ratio. Electrical upgrades and all-wheel drive allow for zero to 62 mph in the claimed 2.5 seconds, a top speed of 211 mph, and perhaps more importantly, a Fiorano lap time that’s a hair faster than the mighty. (and powerful) LaFerrari. The chassis, which is an evolution of the foundations of the 488 GTB / F8 Tributo, features aluminum and carbon fiber upgrades for stiffness and NVH reduction.

Return to Stunt Road

Once I’m sure the tires are properly cleaned and warmed up, diving into the throttle propels the SF90 forward with immediate responsiveness and no lag. Between the fast-spinning turbos, the extra gearing of the transmission, and the torque filling of the electric motors increasing all four wheels, the Ferrari manages to overcome all of the perceived acceleration deficiencies of its predecessor with surprising immediacy.

The Ferrari Stradale loaned to me comes equipped with the $ 56,240 Assetto Fiorano package, which adds a layer of fast products, including fixed shocks and titanium springs by Multimatic, a titanium exhaust system and Inconel, a Lexan engine hood and carbon fiber wraps everything from the intake plenum to the hood, bumpers, seat, trunk, spoiler and even the wheels. Yes, it will almost cost you a BMW M2. But considering the added exotic materials, 66-pound weight savings, and increased downforce (859 pounds at 155 mph), I’d say it’s well worth the extra room.

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