Alpha Omega rallies late and overtakes Somerville | Sports

SOMERVILLE – The Alpha Omega Lions were down, but they never got out.

The Lions (3-1) managed to score the tying touchdown and give the green light PAT with 20 seconds on the clock. They added a pick of six at the end of the time limit to dominate Somerville 27-20.

“It was a highlight,” said Lions head coach Jeff Norris. “We went into the half tied at 7 and we fought all the way back. We gave up a touchdown with 45 seconds left, and it couldn’t be more exciting than before.

The final reader was one for the books.

With 45 seconds left, AOA found himself back to the wall as Somerville capitalized with a go-ahead touchdown to move up a six.

AOA senior quarterback Harrison Allen responded. Allen stepped back and found his sophomore brother Hudson Allen for the 60-yard tying score. First-year kicker Will Winn scored the winning extra point, before Bailey Hall froze the game with a pick of six at the end of time.

Harrison finished the game with a 275-yard throw, while senior Ben Wright provided multiple passes with 101 receiving yards and a touchdown.

“Harrison was under a lot of pressure tonight,” Norris noted. “Our receivers made big plays because we were having trouble getting the ball through.”

The Lions’ defense died out, with Somerville’s offense having short fields after turnovers.

AOA will now turn their heads towards next week as they hit the Danbury route on September 24 with a kick off at 7pm.

“We’re just trying to make them believe they can do this stuff,” Norris added. “These are real games that they play. It means a lot to us to play a team like this and to be successful, building wins is great. Each week the way they do it is what impresses me.

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