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Whether you run an import or export business, transport petroleum or petrochemicals, or move consumer goods or cargo internationally, your cargo fleet is your life and your earner. bread from your employees.

As a result, everything must go according to plan. However, doing it all yourself can be a challenge for you and your employees, especially when it all depends on the performance capability of your ships.

The sheer amount of things to consider, from vessel planning to recruiting and training crews, can quickly overwhelm a small to medium-sized logistics staff.

Fortunately, there are choices to fill in the gaps in your team’s current talent and complement in areas where you might be lacking.

And this is where Alpha Marine Services and young entrepreneurs like Mr. Fahad Salman can help you grow your business.

Alpha Marine Services (INDIA) has been a leading supplier of goods and services to the marine industry for many years.

Their values ​​of excellence, responsibility, leadership, collaboration, integrity and passion have earned us a reputation for providing reliable and world-class service.

About Mr. Fahad Salman and his incredible journey

Mr. Fahad Salman is a young, self-taught entrepreneur who has built his empire from scratch.

His passion and love for marine life continued to germinate and later became a kind of passion.

He started his business and turned his passion into a practical idea at a very vulnerable age when he was only 18. Closing of 3 successful years in the provision of integrated maritime services.

A B. Com Corporate graduate at Loyola College, Chennai, his wide range of services has everything that ship owners, operators and charterers or managers may need.

While many of us dream of doing wonderful things, only a few of us have the determination and drive to make those dreams come true.

They say the sky is the limit when you want to pursue your passion and achieve your business goals. It takes inspiration, passion, and even a bit of aggression to make sure that you are doing whatever it takes to achieve those goals and turn your dreams into reality.

And this is exactly what we can learn from Mr. Fahad Salman and how persistence helped him turn his dreams into reality.

He also plans to take his business to new heights and expand globally in the coming year and also plans to bring his business online soon. Which, let’s face it, is very rare in this field of activity. Don’t we all agree?

Provide world-class maritime services

The high seas are a harsh environment that has claimed the lives of countless ships and crews who thought they were ready for anything.

Vessels, like any other machine, require routine maintenance. You wouldn’t try to drive a truck across the country without checking the oil or tire pressure, would you?

Hundreds of miles from shore, this is the last place you want to have a mechanical problem, especially if you are carrying perishable goods.

Caring about vessel maintenance could be a thing of the past with the right marine service such as Alpha Marine Services by your side.

Everyone wants their business to be successful, but being too attached to it often prevents them from seeing the big picture.

You may need to change your shipping schedules or increase your crew size. Either way, our professionals at Alpha Marine Services are ready to help your business increase profits and innovate in the field of ship fittings.

Provide innovation in the field of ship machining

Their innovation in the field of ship fittings provides all the necessary components to provide you with the services you need.

They also predict the impact of new technologies on the many segments using the information they collect in their day-to-day operations.

Alpha Marine experts maintain and maintain the trust of their customers through their dedicated and unparalleled transparent services.

Providing the best deals and sourcing to deliver the most comfortable quality and affordable process to every vessel request that exceeds the expectations, imagination and standards of the best shipping agencies in the market.

The experience of young entrepreneur Fahad Salman has given him valuable lessons of self-confidence and tenacity, which he will also apply in his future life while meeting all your maritime needs.

He found that having faith in your idea is more vital than anything else. This is the only way to achieve your goals. It doesn’t matter if people aren’t always there for you as long as you believe in yourself.

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