Alpha Flight Reveals Supreme Squadron Heroes’ Rebirth War

In Weapon X and Final Flight, the gruesome war between Alpha Flight and the Supreme Squadron in the Avengers-less world of Heroes Reborn is revealed.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Heroes Reborn: Weapon X & Final Flight # 1 by Ed Brisson, Roland Boschi, Chris O’Halloran and Cory Petit of VC, on sale now.

Heroes are reborn was a shocking race from the start, almost every step of the way resulted in an inevitable showdown between the Supreme Squadron and the Avengers. However, these two aren’t the only superhero teams with a starring place in Mephisto’s reality, and the Avengers aren’t the first team of heroes that the World’s Mightiest Heroes version of the game against. Earth has gone to war. In fact, Squadron Supreme appears to have a long history of violent conquest, including a particularly gruesome journey north that has left both Alpha Flight and most of Canada in ruins.

Weapon X and last flight opens from where the most brutal flashback Heroes are reborn # 7 stopped, right after Logan’s devastating attack on Hyperion thanks to an enchantment placed on him by Shaman of Alpha Flight. This battle which took place several years ago is due to the invasion of Canada by the United States, led in force by the Supreme Squadron. As Logan explains, the squadron first led the charge across the border to harvest the resources of Alberta and British Columbia after their annexation, and when the rest of the country had them. resisted, the invading forces bombarded them into oblivion. While the fight all those years ago was originally intended as Alpha Flight’s last stand against their oppressors, Shaman’s magic and Logan’s claws have proven capable of sending the Supreme Squadron a message that ‘they would never forget. Unfortunately, this is also a question they answered in the worst possible way.

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In the years since the Supreme Squadron’s initial assault on the nation, Canada has accomplished little in terms of recovery. Alpha Flight remains active, although now that doesn’t mean much more than moving from refuge to refuge in the dead of night and narrowly escaping the pursuing army. The heroes may be one step ahead of those who hunt them, but the people who have helped them along the way face the fate of becoming prisoners of war only to be executed.

No matter how much the world has changed since Heroes are reborn began, it is impossible to think of circumstances that would necessitate the war that the Supreme Squadron brought to the north. The acquisition of land and resources has always been the most significant cause of war throughout human history, but even in Mephisto’s twisted reality, the United States is a prosperous nation. However, this is the America of Mephisto, and his work has always been unquestionably cruel.

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No matter how ruthless or bloodthirsty they have been so far, what Squadron Supreme is releasing. Weapon X and last flight makes it clear that there is no room for rehab for this version of the team.

Past incarnations of the Squadron have seen Nighthawk stand up to his teammates when their actions turned wrong. Nothing like that happened in this case, and there is no doubt that this squadron is devoted to its reality and to its progenitor.

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